The Stash Reports

Every year it’s the same. In January, we have lots of folks making stash reports.  As the year progresses, more and more drop out.  I can’t say that I blame you.  I started out with several projects that have fallen by the wayside.  Our first stash report for 2013, we had 53 reports.

Stash Report

As of last night, the halfway point in 2013, we were down to 23 stash reports.

Stash Reports

If it’s just too much trouble, or you’ve lost interesting in quilting or busting the stash, I understand.  If it’s because you’ve added too much fabric and you’re embarrassed, I understand that too.  For several years, I was in that boat.  You’re welcome to report how much you’ve used and not even show how much you’ve added, if that makes you happier.

I’m just posting this because some of you thought it was a good idea in January and if you still think it’s a good idea, the second half of 2013 begins with next week’s report so hop back on that wagon and get those stash reports written.

I find that it helps me so much knowing I’m accountable.  Some weeks, when I really could find time to sew and just haven’t, just knowing that I need something to report gets me to the sewing machine and once I get there, I never want to stop.

You do not have to know how much fabric is in your stash. You can report only what you’ve used or what you’ve used and what you’ve added.  If you started the year with us or even if you didn’t, the beginning of the second half of 2013 is a great time to join the stash reports and commit to busting the stash.


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    Meloney says

    Well, I do think that summer is sporatic in all things for me. LOL I didn’t report this week only because I was not at the computer at all. 🙁 I didn’t sew much this week, but I could have reported and normally do. I soooooo thank you for helping us to keep accountable. I love to see what others are doing and it helps me get re-motivated to work on something I have not in awhile. I feel at a stagnant point in my life right now, and maybe it is because of the extreme heat in this area, I don’t really know. Thanks again for your patterns, your time and your gentle push.

    • 1.1


      There’s no time to be stagnant. You know that every day that passes is a day gone forever. Join me in waking up in the morning and being excited to do whatever you’re able to do. Let’s sew! Or . . maybe we’ll knit! 🙂

  2. 2

    Sharon in Michigan says

    I’m new to the blog, by about 3 months,so I didn’t begin the year “stash reporting”. I can tell you as of today, July 1, I brought home 20 yards. from my trip to Indiana. I will begin to keep track of fabric “in” and “out”.

      • Sharon in Michigan says

        Just had a thought of panic…… do we report our stash “in and out” for our yards of yarn most of us have stashed all over the house??

  3. 3


    Thank heavens for quilters like Sharon! My guilt level went down. Since we moved, I still can’t link in. Am working on it. I AM finishing projects though and several require backing fabric, so it is a two-edged sword.

  4. 4

    Diane says

    I really think the stash reports are good/fun/important, but…
    I have been absent from the stash report for a while. My mom passed away and I just can’t seem to sit and sew right now. I have been in the living room knitting (or learning to) since April, but I have been interested in everyone’s progress. Is that rude reading all the posts but not posting my progress or lack there of?
    I hope I can get back to my sewing room before too much longer. I always got so much joy from playing in my stash, I hope it returns.

    • 4.1


      Not rude, Diane, just realistic to what you’re going through right now. Sitting in the living room, reading messages brings you comfort and we’re glad to be here for you. Sometimes I just go through my stash for comforts sake and I’ll find something that needs a new home. It makes me feel better that I have something to report and helped a fellow quilter find something needed.

  5. 5

    Diana in RR, TX says

    I don’t always post but still keep track! It has really helped meto think twice and also check out what I have in my own store! Galen says I could open up one and not have to buy anything for the inventory. It has been a good exercise for me.

  6. 6


    I was on the former, but not the latter list. Really, I haven’t added to my stash since I last reported … well, except maybe a little. I’ve not been blogging a whole lot in general, though. I *do* want to keep up with my input/output, though! 🙂

  7. 7


    I occasionally contribute to the “What’s on My Design Wall” but not to the “Stash Report.” Frankly, even thinking about how much fabric I have scares me. 🙂 I have to tell you though, that reading other quilters’ reports makes me feel less guilty when I’ve broken down and bought a bunch of fabric and so have they. So I AM benefiting from the “Stash Report.” Just not in the way you envisioned.

  8. 8

    Lee says

    I could easily submit my report each week, but when I have nothing in and nothing out, I thought I’d “save the bandwidth” so to speak 😉 I leave on vacation on Wed and won’t be back until sometime near the end of July and will likely have some additions to my stash rather than decreasing. Part of my vacation will be a quilt camp at Suttle Lake near Sisters, OR…at the same time the quilt show’s going on 🙂 I’m also thinking, effective with any July reports I may change how I report my ‘used’. Usually I wait until a quilt is completely finished, well, that doesn’t happen very often, but I do have a lot of UFOs that have reached the flimsy stage so I may begin counting at that point, and then again at the finish with the backing & binding numbers.

  9. 9

    pdudgeon says

    my problem has been a technical one between my browser and my blog; one doesn’t ‘like’ the other and they won’t cooperate! No problems with your site or your webpage, Judy.
    Nontheless i’m still keeping track of my stash’s in’s and outs the old fashioned way— with pen and paper. i’ve about decided to trash the blog idea and just put my figures in the comments section each week.

  10. 10

    Verna says

    I don’t have a blog so I didn’t sign up for the stash report–but now I am keeping track each week on my own. It gets me motivated to see how much others are using (and I don’t feel so guilty when I see what others are buying!). This really helps me say no to new fabric when I know I’ll have to report it on Sunday!

  11. 11


    Thanks for the “invite”. I did not sign up at the first of the year but last year, your idea of doing this totally inspired me and I kept track on a small calendar. This year I bought ($1.00 store) another calendar but I’ve not written a thing in it. Good intentions and all that, but now. with this gentle nudge, I will start again. Thanks!

  12. 12

    Karen in Colorado says

    I don’t have a blog either but I enjoy reading the stash reports too. In January I began a journal to track my own stash reports. Someday I hope to have a blog but for now, the reports are on paper. Still, I think any way of tracking usages is going to help.

  13. 13

    Susan T says

    I enjoy making my stash report! I now always check my stash before heading out to shop, and I think it makes me a more creative quilter – finding an alternative that is just a bit different! When working on my BOM project from my guild last year, I used only stash fabric. Most people tried to copy the colour and shade choices of the two designers. There were lots of beautiful quilts, but only a couple that were entirely different – both made with “stash”. I still enjoy buying new fabric, and take advantage of sales, but I always shop my stash first!

  14. 14


    I quit reporting last year. Too many negative folks out there; however, I thought my reports were hilarious! Of course, it’s not so funny now that I’m trying to tub stuff up here at the house! OMG, I forgot about the off-site storage room! Yikes! Oh, well, I guess that now retirement is quickly approaching, I’ll be happy I have all that fabric!

  15. 16


    Judy, I like doing the stash report. Sometimes life gets in the way, especially during the summer, and I do not report every week. Please do not despair. Doing the stash report keeps me honest. Thank you for doing the stash report.

  16. 17


    I love the stash report even though I have been sporadic. Not much coming in not much going out, the flu, other little illnesses, a wedding shower, and house guests are my excuses. I don’t think to post when there have been not changes. I will rethink that!

  17. 18

    AngieG9 says

    Would 6 yards in and 1 1/2 out count? My yarn stash keeps growing though, and I have 30 scarves finished and ready to donate to my favorite charity just in time for winter, so maybe that counts for something. I can knit while I rest, but other things require actual thought and action, and the first 4 months of this year I was in one of my worst MS relapses ever, but still managed to knit several scarves. I guess I’ve just been doing that for so long I don’t have to look at it or think while doing it.

  18. 19

    Nancy Angerer says

    I think I am in big trouble:) We went back up to IL for a few days, and on the way back we stopped at Hancocks in Padukah. Had lots of fun! Don’t really want to know the total amount added. And still don’t have a sewing room, so everything is still in boxes. Otherwise, I think stash reporting is a good idea:)

  19. 20


    I’ve been doing the stash report for 3 years. I still buy way more than I should, but it does help me realize how much I’ve bought and know when I need to put the breaks on. It’s rare that I don’t post, but sometimes life does get in the way. I am looking forward to making a few of your patterns this year, they are a great way to use up stash!

  20. 21

    Dee Dee says

    I was on the January list, I enjoy seeing the changes in my numbers each week. Helps to get quilts finished. I decided that blogging just isn’t my thing, I am still keeping track of my numbers in a little date book I have. Thanks for the great idea of keeping track of my ins and outs. I also enjoy reading how others are doing with their stash busting efforts.

  21. 22


    I just very recently started blogging so I linked to the Stash report for the first time this week. But I’ve been keeping monthly tallies on my own for awhile, and I find that it makes me more mindful and focused about what I buy. Thank you, Judy, for the inspiration and encouragement!

  22. 23


    I was so good at the beginning of the year, but I like to count used when I finish a quilt and there haven’t been many finished lately…also, there are a few people (no names mentioned) who tend to harass me when they know how much fabric I’ve bought when I list it on my blog Guess I need to keep my chin up and not worry about it. :).

  23. 24


    Judy, I really like the stash report and usually post. This weekend I was out of town and didn’t use any all week, so I missed both the stash report and design wall too. I have not been using as much as I had hoped, but it always helps to know that Sunday’s are when I have to be accountable to someone besides myself. Please keep it up. I love reading about what others are doing too. Thanks much for all the work you do for us.

  24. 25


    I’ve fallen off because I had shoulder surgery not quite 3 months ago. I haven’t done any quilting (other than some english paper piecing) since last October, and won’t be able to operate a rotary cutter (my litmus test for whether I can quilt) for at least another 2-3 months. I’ll be hot and heavy on the quilts once I can, and hitting up the stash report too!

  25. 26


    I love that you do this. It keeps me accountable which is just what I need. I miss last years format for UFOs 🙁 I sure hope the Stash Report continues as is… Thanks Judy for all that you do! Sandi