Five Months Without Satellite

It’s been about 5 months now since we had Dish Network turned off.  Chad and Nicole have never had cable or satellite.  Vince was talking to his daughter the other night and she’s never had cable or satellite.  How weird is it that none of us have it?  We have Netflix and probably other things . . I don’t know how any of it works.

We turn it on probably twice a week . . maybe three times.  When we first had satellite turned off, we watched Netflix or something almost every night.  We watched the entire series of Friday Night Lights, then we watched a couple of seasons of of Grey’s Anatomy and lost interest.  We’ve watched a couple more series but I can’t remember what they were . . maybe one of us watched more than the other!  🙂

Currently, we’re watching Longmire.  We watched the first series and now we can watch each week’s show a day or two after it airs on TV . . all for free!

The real test will be when college football begins.  I’m so loving turning the TV on when we want to watch something, and then turning it off when we’re done.  We didn’t turn satellite off to save money but . . 5 months @ $75/month means we’ve saved $375 so far!

Dinner Tonight

When Vince was home for lunch, I asked him if he cared if we had just veggies tonight and no meat.  He said that was fine with him . . he’s usually pretty easy to please when it comes to meals.  We work so much outside . . before and after dinner, and it seems that eating meat just weighs on me so we had a meatless meal.


  • Eggplant Parmesan with eggplant and tomatoes from the garden
  • Squash from the garden
  • Potatoes, steamed . . from the garden
  • Cherry Tomatoes from the garden

That’s it . . no bread . . just veggies.  I could make a habit of that but I don’t know how long Vince would go before he missed having meat.

My Boy!

Today I was thinking about some of the newer readers who hear about Chad often but, since he lives in MO and we live in TX, you don’t often see pictures of him.

Chad’s First Picture

Here’s his first picture!  Oh, such a sweet baby.  For all you moms with grown kids, did you have any idea how quickly those babies grow up?  For you young moms with babies, toddlers and elementary school age children, hug them, kiss them, love them . . they grow up too quickly.  For you moms with teens . . oh, my gosh!  Hang in there.  It does get better.

He was a baby and then . . in what now seems like a few weeks . . he turned 21.  And now . . he’s 25 and lives 10 hours from me.

Chad Turned 21

I’m proud of him for so many reasons.  He really didn’t give me much trouble growing up, he graduated from high school and college on time and made decent grades, he didn’t get any trouble with the law, he has a good job with good potential, he married Nicole . . a girl I love dearly and get along with great.  Her parents like Chad so everyone gets along great. Of course, there’s sweet little Addie that I love and miss every day.  I’ve told Nicole that I always wanted six grandchildren and since they’re all going to have to come from Nicole and Chad, she’d better get busy.  We’ll see how much she really listens to me!  🙂

What I’m really proud of is that Chad can talk to anyone . . he could sell a steamship in the desert and pretty much everyone who meets him likes him right off the bat.  I’m always asking him if the store managers like him and every time, he says “Mom!  Everyone likes me!”

Last week he discovered that the spare tire and wheel on his pickup had been stolen.  I guess not everyone likes him but it was probably a crime of opportunity and someone who didn’t even know Chad who did it.  He has no idea when it happened.  The spare tire is up under the truck and he never looks under there.  He wasn’t looking forward to having to try to find a wheel from a junkyard, ordering a new tire and having to pay for that and get it all installed before his vacation.  He isn’t bringing the truck on vacation but he still needed to get it all done and he works such long hours and he’s actually working out of town now and through the next few months.

He told me last night that Nicole’s dad has an old farm truck and the wheel/tire is the same as Chad’s truck so Greg is giving him that.  Chad was off today and he told me he has a friend who knows a lot about vehicles and has an old truck like Chad’s that he’s using for parts.  Chad was going to see him about helping fix some things.  Chad called me this afternoon and said “Mom, I went to see my friend and we fixed the air conditioner, the wipers, and he put on a new strap that holds the spare tire (because the thief had cut it).  Guess how much all that cost me!”  I knew he was getting a deal so I said $100. He said “No . . $21.  All he wanted was for me to buy him lunch!”  So, he and Chad went to lunch together and Chad has all the problems with his pickup fixed. He is going to get a new tire but at least he doesn’t have to buy the wheel, and he ordered the lock that will hopefully keep the spare tire from being stolen again.

He’s a great young man and I can’t wait to see him, Nicole and Addie next week!