Dinner Tonight

When Vince was home for lunch, I asked him if he cared if we had just veggies tonight and no meat.  He said that was fine with him . . he’s usually pretty easy to please when it comes to meals.  We work so much outside . . before and after dinner, and it seems that eating meat just weighs on me so we had a meatless meal.


  • Eggplant Parmesan with eggplant and tomatoes from the garden
  • Squash from the garden
  • Potatoes, steamed . . from the garden
  • Cherry Tomatoes from the garden

That’s it . . no bread . . just veggies.  I could make a habit of that but I don’t know how long Vince would go before he missed having meat.


  1. 1
    Sherrill says:

    Sounds good to me tho it was always my DH that said he could go without meat probably for the rest of his life. I wasn’t ready to make THAT drastic of a commitment!

  2. 2
    AngieG9 says:

    That plate looks so good. The first farmer’s truck came by here today, but all she had were green tomatoes and squash, so guess what was on my plate? Love those fried green tomatoes. Eventually I’ll get enough to make some relish, if I can get my daughter-in-law to remember to send me her recipe. Mine has to drain overnight and calls for a bushel of tomatoes, a bit more than necessary for one person, even if I cut it in halves or quarters.