Five Months Without Satellite

It’s been about 5 months now since we had Dish Network turned off.  Chad and Nicole have never had cable or satellite.  Vince was talking to his daughter the other night and she’s never had cable or satellite.  How weird is it that none of us have it?  We have Netflix and probably other things . . I don’t know how any of it works.

We turn it on probably twice a week . . maybe three times.  When we first had satellite turned off, we watched Netflix or something almost every night.  We watched the entire series of Friday Night Lights, then we watched a couple of seasons of of Grey’s Anatomy and lost interest.  We’ve watched a couple more series but I can’t remember what they were . . maybe one of us watched more than the other!  :)

Currently, we’re watching Longmire.  We watched the first series and now we can watch each week’s show a day or two after it airs on TV . . all for free!

The real test will be when college football begins.  I’m so loving turning the TV on when we want to watch something, and then turning it off when we’re done.  We didn’t turn satellite off to save money but . . 5 months @ $75/month means we’ve saved $375 so far!


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    Sharon in Michigan says:

    We don’t have cable either. Feels good to save money on something you find you really don’t need.

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    AngieG9 says:

    I have basic cable, which comes with the apartment, and I have to pay $10 per month for it whether I have a TV or not. How wierd is that? I turn my TV on maybe once a month just to see if it still works, because it’s almost 20 years old. I should get Netflix, because that way I can watch some favorite movies, which is almost all I ever watch anyway. I would rather read a book unless my eyes are bothering me.

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    If you only like certain college teams,could you go to a bar or something when that team is playing and watch it there? Or sometimes my husband watches a live stream of a game on the internet. The quality is not as good, but you know the score and what happened in nearly real time.

  4. 4

    If you like Longmire, try reading or listening to the books they are based on. The books are much better! We are fans of all the Walt Longmire books here and can’t stand to watch the show because the casting is so poor and there’s no comparison to the books.

  5. 5

    Well, we finally did it! As of July 14th we won’t have cable anymore. We do have Netflix which I hope fills the void. I think I’ll get a whole lot more sewing done and other stuff too.

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    Beth C. says:

    During college football season we download live games from ESP and some other places on the Internet directly to our tv – most tv’s these days are capable to do this – takes a fairly inexpensive cable (HMI if I remember correctly) – plug laptop directly into TV. We’ve been without cable or satelite for close 4 years now. But I love netflix and their search engines to screen all what I view.
    Beth in AL

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      We download a lot of things but to get most of those things, you have to have your internet through a company that has an agreement with those providers and we have some no name brand internet so we can’t do that. When we had AT&T for internet, we were able to do it but not with the companies we have now.

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    I hardly ever watch TV, but I do like Netflix! I just finished a series I’d been watching last night. After reading your post, I watched the intro to Longmire. Looks good. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Nancy Angerer says:

    We got rid of att-tv getting ready to move. We have been in AL for a month now and havve still not hooked up the tv. We will be getting netflix and probably some other things. If there is a football game that Ron wants to watch, he will go over to our daughter’s home. They will be watching it anyway:) I won’t want to be left behind, so I had better get some handwork ready to do! The good news — the new hardwood flooring will be put in the sewing room and the guest room next week. Then we can set up those rooms and get furniture out of the garage:)

  9. 10

    We haven’t had cable here at Big Canoe for years and my son suggested we bring the Roku we weren’t using at home and hook it up. I canceled Netflix because I’m an Amazon Prime member and get a lot of their programs free and with my account in place I can always ordered one if I want to rent one that’s not Prime. If I could just talk Keith into canceling the cable at home I’d be happy.

  10. 11

    We’ve never had cable or anything other than what comes over the standard airwaves with an antenna. We do borrow movies or TV series DVDs from our library. My son is getting married in August. They have been dating for 7 years. Her family has always had cable and she can’t understand how we can live without it. Then again, she doesn’t understand a lot of things.

  11. 12
    Lori in South Dakota says:

    I turn the TV on to check the local news and weather. And watch Longmire,. I do like that series.

  12. 13
    Bev Austin says:

    We gave cable up about a year ago, and added an HD small antenna to our roof (got it at Costco. about $80-90.) Covers all tvs in the house. We get plenty of channels, and Netflix is very satisfying too. Our daughter went to her sisters for a couple days to doggy sit and said they have cable, but nothing on worth watching. She did miss Netflix, but our setup is perfect for us.

    We tried one of those new indoor antennas that fastens to each tv, cost $49, Supposed to get lots of channels, but it got a couple less than what we get on the whole house antennea. You are supposed to hook it to a window, and need one for every tv, so would cost us 3 x the amount of 1.
    The $49 one went back right away. That was a waste, but we get the cost b0ack except pay the S&H charges.

  13. 14

    I certainly don’t miss paying for TV. Especially with the garbage that’s on these days. I can watch movies or shows through the Roku box with Amazon Prime, and I have an annual subscription to Acorn TV – mostly British Murder Mysteries. That’s all I need.

  14. 15
    Kristin says:

    You should add Sherlock from BBC to your queue. (The series with Benedict Cumberbatch). It is amazing!