Camp Loopy Project 2

My Camp Loopy project #2 is Hitchhiker made from Lorna’s Laces Solemate.  The color is Spats.  We were allowed to start on July 1.  I had planned to start knitting early in the morning of July 1 because I really want to finish this before our company arrives but I didn’t get started til late in the evening on the 1st.  I knitted a long time yesterday morning and this is how far I got.


I’m loving how this striping yarn is looking with the kinda diagonal stripes.  I’m betting I get some good pooling on this one too.  It’s a fun pattern and easy to do.  I’m thinking the pattern suggests about 42 “teeth” and I think I have about 20 done so far.  As the piece “grows”, it takes longer to knit each row so the second half of the teeth will take a lot longer than the first half of the teeth.

This is a pattern I’ll probably do again and again.  It uses one skein of sock yarn and you know there’s plenty of sock yarn around here!


  1. 2

    Laura says

    Very pretty! Makes me wish I knitted – but there’s no room for yarn amongst the quilting fabric!

  2. 3

    Katie says

    Gorgeous! I must get my first Hitchhiker off the needles so I can cast on this one. I was hesitating because I wasn’t sure I would really like it.

  3. 4

    AngieG9 says

    At the rate you’re going you should have several done by the end of the month. That one is beautiful, and will look gret with jeans, or dressed up with a little black dress. You should make one in every color you have.

  4. 6

    EagleKnits says

    That’s really pretty – I love the colors and the way they’re striping!

  5. 7

    Helen Koenig1 says

    I like this REALLY one a lot! – and think I may get this pattern this weekend. Is this hard?

  6. 8

    Susan-North Idaho says

    Judy, This shawlette is so pretty. I usually just scroll past knitting stuff… I’m not a knitter, but know how to do basic knit and purl, garter stitch, cast on/off…blah blah blah. I don’t follow patterns too well, but this one sounds like maybe I could do it.(Just a garter stitch?) I went to Ravelry site, yikes! learning curve!. Couple questions: what is “fingering” yarn? and what size needles are you using? and does “stashed” mean “nanner nanner…I’ve got it and you don’t?” Just kidding. Hope you can help me and Thanks

    • 8.1

      Kristin says

      Fingering is another term for sock weight. You should try this pattern– It’s very easy!

  7. 9


    I’ changed my mind and am doing Brickless – it seems awful small right now even though I’m beginning the 4th of 6 repeats. Luckily I have plenty of yarn and can keep going. I do plan on doing Hitchhiker one of these days … Maybe when camp loopy is over.