Celebration of Freedom Quilt

As Independence Day comes to a close, I can’t help but remember my Celebration of Freedom quilt.  I know it went to a good cause but it’s one I miss a lot. It’s hard to believe it was 8 years ago when I made this quilt.  I wasn’t 100% happy with the border but back then, I wasn’t quite as brave about making borders.

Celebration of Freedom

This is a blog post I did that gives some basic directions for making the quilt.  This post shows a border variation.

I have another one of these started but haven’t seen it in forever.  I should get it out and work on it and have it done by this time next year!


Back to Square One July Winner

The winner drawn from those who submitted pictures of their Back to Square One Mystery projects, completed through the June clue is:

Katie Z.

Thanks so much, Vicki, for sponsoring this mystery and for donating one of your gorgeous Stash Packs each month.  Vicki has beautiful hand dyed fabrics for sale in her Etsy Shop.  Don’t forget to look there when you need those special tone on tone fabrics.

White Bread With A Little Sourdough

When making white bread, I almost always use this recipe.  With just the two of us, I’ve been making half a batch and it makes one loaf in my larger loaf pan.  Not long ago, with sourdough starter taking over the kitchen, I decided to add a little starter to my basic white bread.

White Bread with Sourdough

Because I’m using unfed starter out of the fridge, on the white bread recipe, I half everything except I had a full tablespoon of yeast.


White Bread with Sourdough

To the dough ingredients, I had 1/2 to 3/4 cup of the unfed starter and enough flour to make the dough the right consistency.

White Bread with Sourdough

The bread has just a hint of sourdough flavor, not quite as much “sweet” as this recipe normally has and makes some fantastic toast.  With the added sourdough starter and flour, the dough makes two small loaves.

These are the baking pans I use.  These are by Norpro and I love them.  When you click on the link, you will see they have 12″, 10″ and 8″ pans.  The larger one I use is the 10″ and the shorter one is the 8″.  You can see in the picture of the pans that they have little “dimples” and you can see those on the ends of my loaves.  The bread never sticks!  I spray the pan with Pam and the baked loaf dumps right out with no prodding or shaking.

Patty Pan Hash Browns

Anyone want to bet that I forget to do the On the Needles post tomorrow because today seems like Saturday so tomorrow will seem like Sunday!  Maybe I’ll remember tonight and do the On the Needles post early.

It’s a lazy day around here.  Vince has been working in the shop a bit.  I was in the garden early, came in and fixed breakfast, then went out and picked a 5 gallon bucket of squash and a few tomatoes.  I still don’t have a cucumber in sight!  That’s one thing I’ve never had much luck growing.

There’s patty pan squash coming out my ears!  Last night I fried some and Vince loved it.  I think I’ll do that again tonight.  I’m going to make a patty pan squash pie but was hoping to wait til closer to time for Chad to get here so I don’t have to eat so much of it myself.

This morning I looked at the pile of patty pan squash and said . . hash browns!  It’s  young and tender so I didn’t peel it but I did scoop out the seed part, grated it, fried it just like hash browns.

Patty Pan Hash Browns

A little salt and pepper was added and that’s it.

Patty Pan Hash Browns

They didn’t get as crispy as my hash browns usually are but they were as crispy as hash browns served in most restaurants.  They were a bit on the sweet side . . not overly sweet but much more so than potatoes.  I think it would be an excellent way to get kids to eat squash . . so long as you don’t tell them it’s squash.

After breakfast, I blanched and froze the squash – seven stuffed full quart bags.  There were tomatoes sitting around getting overly ripe but not enough to start canning so I peeled all those and started a pot of spaghetti sauce.  I had planned to smoke a pork butt today but Vince wasn’t really in the mood for that so I didn’t but hadn’t thought much about what I was going to fix for dinner.  He’s always in the mood for spaghetti so he’ll be real happy with that for dinner.

The rest of my afternoon will be spent knitting and sewing  . . I hope!