Herding Chickens

Those chickens are the best entertainment in town. I’m so thankful no one can see us.

So far, Louise still has had only the one egg that hatched.  The little black chicken . .

The Newest Baby

He’s really no bigger than a big, fat acorn!  But .. he’s faster than a streak of lightning!  Tonight I was in the garden and Vince came running over, completely out of breath.  “The little black chicken is out!”  I said . . no big deal  . . he’ll go back in when he’s ready . . thinking he was talking about one of Mean Chicken’s babies.  He said “NO!  The LITTLE black chicken!  He’s escaped and he’s running around in the yard!”

I stopped and went to help get him.  He fell in one of the open trenches (BTW, covering the trenches is a job for Chad while he’s here.  We still get to use him and abuse him!)   I went to help Vince get him out of the trench but by the time I got there, somehow, the little rascal had gotten himself out and was running around like a crazy chicken.

We chased him and used my special “chicken catching gizmo” which is really a huge cilantro bush left from last year.  It has no leaves on it but is all wispy and I put it down on top of them and they can’t get out and then I can fish them out of the branches.  No luck . . that little chicken is unbelievably fast.  Finally I said “Sorry Vince but really . . if something gets him . . he’s a chicken!  I’m done!”  I went back to the garden but before I was done, Vince came running over, huffing and puffing and he said “Smokie is out!”  In the process of trying to get the little baby in, Smokie got out.


Not only are those chickens fast but they are goofy!  They are scared to death of us!  We both chased Smokie all over the place.  We decided to just leave him alone.  We got all the other chickens closed up inside their coops and left the gate to the pen open, hoping he would eventually go back in on his own . . which he did.  When I went out there this time, I had my camera.  Even though he was in the pen, and all the other chickens were in the coop .. he would NOT go in.  We must have tried to coax him in for 5 minutes before I thought to video it.


Can you guess why he won’t go inside?  Watch the video and I’ll bet you can figure it out!  This was the end of a very frustrating episode of our herding chickens! Vince was flapping his arms and trying to scare Smokie into going inside.  Finally .. can you guess why he wouldn’t go in?  I’m telling you .. these are some crazy chickens!

Houdini #2

Those Silkie Bantams are escape artists.  That little yellow bantam baby chick will not stay in the pen.  He or she (I have no idea which) is so quick and so tiny.  Until just a couple of days ago, he was going through the 1″ chicken wire.  He’s grown to where he can no longer get through the wire but he can escape underneath it with no effort at all.  I have raked and shoveled dirt around every spot I see where they can be getting out and he still finds an escape route.  I’ve put rocks and pieces of 2 x 4 in every low spot and . . there’s no keeping that little rascal in.  The three Dominique babies stay real close to Mean Chicken and when she calls them, they come running but that little yellow Silkie has a mind of his own.

The ground is so dry and where they’ve been scratching around along the edges of the pen, it’s like baby powder fine.  No matter how much filling in I do, they just scratch the dirt back away from the pen with ease, and it’s just enough of a hole for this little fellow to escape.

When he sees me coming, he would go running back under the fence and into the shelter of Mean Chicken’s domain.  Now that I’ve plugged so many of the holes under the fence, he can’t always find his way back inside . . which means if Mr. Fox comes along, baby yellow chicken is going to be a snack!

I don’t think my grandparents worried so much about their baby chickens!

At the end of the day yesterday, the little yellow baby was so tuckered out, we couldn’t tell if he was sick or just tired.  He wasn’t walking much and when it got time for Mean Chicken to take them back into the coop (which she does way before the other chickens go to bed . . I guess it’s kinda like human babies going to bed earlier than adults), he couldn’t even make it up the steps.  Vince set up the “hospital” and we put him in there, thinking if he had food and water close and wasn’t running around like a wild child all day, maybe he would make it.  That little chicken chirped so much that we weren’t even sure we would get any sleep so once the chickens were all inside the coop, we put him back with his family where he could stay warm and comfortable in the area where he was used to being.

This morning I let them out about 6:30.  When Vince left to go to work about 6:45, he came back in the house and told me that the baby yellow chicken was out already so for now . . he’s going to spend the day in the holding cell.  We’ll put him back in the coop with the others tonight and tomorrow, when we catch him out, he’ll go back into the holding cell.


He is most unhappy about being in there alone and he’s making sure this end of the county hears his complaints!  Vince cut a hole in the gallon jug and put wood shavings in there and that’s his “nest”. Pretty creative on Vince’s part, huh?

The Stash Pack Chosen This Month

Katie has chosen her stash pack from Vicki’s Stash Pack Collection and it is this:

Cotton Candy

Pink is one of those colors I never think of as my favorite but every time I see it, I just love it!  This is such a gorgeous collection of pinks.

Thanks Vicki for sponsoring the Back to Square One Mystery.  Please be sure to check out all of Vicki’s Stash Packs, as well as all of her other hand dyed fabrics.  You know . . it’s already July and it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas gifts for those quilters on your list!!