Herding Chickens

Those chickens are the best entertainment in town. I’m so thankful no one can see us.

So far, Louise still has had only the one egg that hatched.  The little black chicken . .

The Newest Baby

He’s really no bigger than a big, fat acorn!  But .. he’s faster than a streak of lightning!  Tonight I was in the garden and Vince came running over, completely out of breath.  “The little black chicken is out!”  I said . . no big deal  . . he’ll go back in when he’s ready . . thinking he was talking about one of Mean Chicken’s babies.  He said “NO!  The LITTLE black chicken!  He’s escaped and he’s running around in the yard!”

I stopped and went to help get him.  He fell in one of the open trenches (BTW, covering the trenches is a job for Chad while he’s here.  We still get to use him and abuse him!)   I went to help Vince get him out of the trench but by the time I got there, somehow, the little rascal had gotten himself out and was running around like a crazy chicken.

We chased him and used my special “chicken catching gizmo” which is really a huge cilantro bush left from last year.  It has no leaves on it but is all wispy and I put it down on top of them and they can’t get out and then I can fish them out of the branches.  No luck . . that little chicken is unbelievably fast.  Finally I said “Sorry Vince but really . . if something gets him . . he’s a chicken!  I’m done!”  I went back to the garden but before I was done, Vince came running over, huffing and puffing and he said “Smokie is out!”  In the process of trying to get the little baby in, Smokie got out.


Not only are those chickens fast but they are goofy!  They are scared to death of us!  We both chased Smokie all over the place.  We decided to just leave him alone.  We got all the other chickens closed up inside their coops and left the gate to the pen open, hoping he would eventually go back in on his own . . which he did.  When I went out there this time, I had my camera.  Even though he was in the pen, and all the other chickens were in the coop .. he would NOT go in.  We must have tried to coax him in for 5 minutes before I thought to video it.


Can you guess why he won’t go inside?  Watch the video and I’ll bet you can figure it out!  This was the end of a very frustrating episode of our herding chickens! Vince was flapping his arms and trying to scare Smokie into going inside.  Finally .. can you guess why he wouldn’t go in?  I’m telling you .. these are some crazy chickens!


  1. 1

    AngieG9 says

    Judy, your chickens are so funny. And herding chickens is more fun that trying to herd cats. Did you ever get the little black one in? I love the chicken stories. Just think how boring your life would be without the chickens, 🙂

  2. 4

    Mel Meister says

    The only thing I can think of was something to do with the ramp since he skittered around it and jumped in the coop without walking on it.

  3. 5


    Judy, was there a screen of some kind at the base of the ramp that was keeping him from walking up the ramp? I couldn’t quite tell what was keeping him out.

  4. 6

    diana in RR, TX says

    Oh I would guess the electric cord plug with the white tag isn’t
    always hanging down!

  5. 7


    Judy, your video when too funny. I watched it a couple of times as I had a slice or two of cake….You and hubby got in a load of exercise for sure.

  6. 8

    Doug R says

    Judy I don’t have a guess, but I wanted to tell you we don’t herd our chickens. They are free range. We let them out in the morning about 6:45 or when we’re tired of listening to the roosters crow, LOL. Throw out some chicken scratch, collect the eggs and let them run free until sundown. At which time they find their own way into the chicken house. No muss, no fuss. We had 5 that roosted in the trees outside the chicken house, but now we are down to two. They know where their house is and they ALWAYS make it in at dusk, at which time we just close the door for the night. Easy, peasy. Try not to stress over it too much. They will go in, it’s their nature to do so. In the meantime, as everyone else has said, you have some funny chickens.. So do we.

  7. 9

    Tam McBride says

    Why wouldn’t Smokie go in the coop? Something he was afraid of? Do tell!

  8. 10

    Linddylou says

    Judy, Have to tell you my cousins wife has a few chickens and they have a coop cam. Yep you right a Camera in the coop, so if us city folk want a view of the chicks all we do is click. I haven’t been on lately but her chicks didn’t do much, just in and on the nest and out. I would have liked her to have some babies to watch.