Confusing Conversation

When Chad and Nicole arrived, Addie had been eating something that smelled like maple syrup.  I think Nicole said they were called wagon wheels or something like that.  Nicole bathed Addie and she’s asleep but Nicole and I were talking about it and Vince wasn’t paying attention but kept chiming in.



Me:  You bathed her, huh?
Nicole:  Yes.
Me:  She smelled like a bottle of maple syrup.
Vince:  You have soap that smells like maple syrup?
Nicole:  No, she was eating little things called wagon wheels and they are maple flavored.
Vince:  She was eating them in the bath tub?

Nicole and I were cracking up and Vince couldn’t figure out what was so funny!



There Is No Third Quarter

Who would have thunk it?  No third quarter challenge!

This is the first year I’ve done the quarterly challenges at The Loopy Ewe.  I’ve attended every session of Camp Loopy so I was really excited about doing all four quarterly challenges.  Quarterly . . four . . first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and fourth quarter, right?  Apparently not in Loopy’s world!

Third quarter should start July 1.  I waited for instructions to appear on Sheri’s blog.  I waited patiently . . with less and less patience as time went on.  Denise and I discussed it and compared notes.  Sheri usually announced the challenges about the 3rd of the month.  We know her so well . . we know her habits.  We know what she likes and doesn’t like . . not really.  Denise and I both were awaiting Sheri’s blog post on Wednesday, July 3,  because without a doubt, it would have the challenge details.  Then Grace Sheri injured herself and don’t ask me how a leg injury precluded her from doing a blog post but I guess that’s another thing that just happens in Loopy’s world!  (Glad you’re better, Sheri!)

So, Denise and I are still patiently waiting.  I thought of writing Sheri and saying . . hey . . did you maybe forget something?  But then I decided she seems to be running The Loopy Ewe quite well without my input so I kept my trap shut.

Yesterday, I got this email from Denise:

Apparently neither of us has a good memory. LOL  I was just looking back on Sheri’s blog because I got to thinking and couldn’t remember doing a third quarter challenge last year.    There isn’t one – she skips the 3rd quarter of the year since it’s Camp Loopy time so October should be the start of the 4th quarterly challenge.  Duh!

I’m glad one of us reads the fine print!

It makes sense.  We’re all busy with Camp Loopy . . but now I can’t do the challenge for all four quarters because there are only three quarterly challenges.  Three quarters!  That is really hard for my brain to reconcile.  My credit card is doing the happy dance though so I guess I’ll just move on and await the fourth quarter challenge.  Three quarters . . who ever heard of such? 🙂

Basil Spaghetti Sauce

The biggest problem in my marriage . . not to air our dirty laundry . . but this is a huge problem . . except when there are fresh Roma tomatoes in the garden.  Our most serious problem:  Vince loves spaghetti with red sauce and I do not like red sauce.  Do not like it at all!  Growing up, his family had spaghetti every Sunday.  We do that pretty often . . almost every Sunday . . sometimes.  He loves the thick red sauce with all the spices . . including oregano . . which I also don’t like!

Our problems were solved when I came across this recipe.  Oh, how I love this spaghetti and Vince loves it too.

Spaghetti Sauce

This is the easiest recipe but it does require about 25 perfectly ripe Roma tomatoes . . the perfectly perfect tomatoes that I can never buy in the grocery store and can only get out of my garden.  Canned tomatoes will work but not as perfectly perfect as fresh picked Romas . . oh, this is such a good recipe.


The recipe calls for straining the oil and adding it to the sauce but we drizzle the oil over our spaghetti in the boil and stir it up.  We also use the oil for bread dipping.

It was another meatless dinner and it was just right on a hot summer evening.


Crusty Bread
Basil/Mozzarella/Tomato Salad
Scarpetta’s Spaghetti Sauce