Confusing Conversation

When Chad and Nicole arrived, Addie had been eating something that smelled like maple syrup.  I think Nicole said they were called wagon wheels or something like that.  Nicole bathed Addie and she’s asleep but Nicole and I were talking about it and Vince wasn’t paying attention but kept chiming in.



Me:  You bathed her, huh?
Nicole:  Yes.
Me:  She smelled like a bottle of maple syrup.
Vince:  You have soap that smells like maple syrup?
Nicole:  No, she was eating little things called wagon wheels and they are maple flavored.
Vince:  She was eating them in the bath tub?

Nicole and I were cracking up and Vince couldn’t figure out what was so funny!




  1. 3

    Karen says

    I can’t get over how much Addie looks like Chad. She sure is a cutie. Enjoy the visit – it won’t last nearly long enough.

  2. 4

    Nolene says

    She is so cute and huggable! I bet Grandma is going to have a lot of help with the garden and chickens. Enjoy.

  3. 5

    Diana Purdy says

    What a precious little sweetie Addie is! I just want to squeeze thos little cheeks! Please take a picture of her the first time she sees the baby chicks,I’m sure she’s going to have quite a reaction! Can’t wait to see pictures of everyone!

  4. 6

    Nancy Angerer says

    My father died young (55yrs), and mother was 52. She remarried at 70, and her new husband was 78. They also had some interesting conversations, and one time they got into a really heated arguement. Finally one said “Wait a minute. What are you arguing about?” They were arguing about different things! Now that my husband and I are in our 70s, we have also had some interesting comments. One of us hasn’t gotten hearing aids yet, but I won’t mention who that someone is:)

  5. 8

    AngieG9 says

    Addie is such a sweet looking little girl. I would love to squeeze those little cheeks. And it’s a wonder Vince didn’t ask why she was eating a wagon wheel in the bath. Men have such selective hearing at times. They are so funny. Be sure to take a gazillion pictures of Addie and the chickens. They will be priceless.

  6. 9


    ROFLOL – This really did make me laugh out loud Judy! Sometimes I wonder if Better Half and Vince were brothers in another life. That sounded like a conversation that would’ve happened here. LOL!

  7. 10

    Bon says

    Well, I was laughing out loud too. Vince is just so funny.

    And Addie is so darn cute!