Too Much Credit

Dear Blog Readers:

I have the sweetest son on earth but still, he isn’t THAT sweet.  He did NOT bring 30 pounds of shrimp for ME.  He brought 30 pounds of shrimp for HIM.  I helped him head them, I froze them . . and he will pack them in his cooler and take them all back to Missouri with him.  He did offer to give me as many as I wanted but I know how much he loves them.

We did freeze the heads and he will take them back too.  He uses them for some recipe for bait.

Some day Vince and I will take a trip down to the coast and get our own fresh shrimp and bring them back.

30 Pounds of Shrimp

Chad and Nicole and Addie arrived yesterday evening.  I was so happy to see them but wasn’t really happy to see that Chad had gone down to the coast in Louisiana and bought 30 pounds of shrimp . . with the heads still on.


Chad and I sat out on the porch and headed them all.

Heading Shrimp

Then I put them all in bags and they’re in the freezer.  That was a chore!

Loving What You Do

When I wrote the “Seize the Day” post last week, there were a few comments that made me wonder if readers thought I meant everyone needs to be up at daybreak and going non-stop til bed time. That is not what I think and I hope I never think that way. Correct or incorrect, what I think is . . we all need to do as much as we can of the things we enjoy.  And occasionally, we have to do the things we don’t enjoy so much . . which for me is cleaning the house.

If sitting in the recliner all day watching I Love Lucy re-runs makes you happy and it doesn’t create problems for your family . . then sit in the recliner all day and watch I Love Lucy re-runs!  If you have a husband who occasionally expects a home cooked meal or clean laundry and that isn’t getting done, there might be a slight problem and adjustments in your schedule may need to be made.  🙂

When you really stop and think about the things I do that keep me so busy:

  • The garden – I could buy the veggies at the grocery store and probably save a lot of $$ by doing so
  • Knitting – Who in Texas needs anything made out of wool
  • Quilting – We have more quilts in this house than we’ll ever use
  • Cooking – Both of us could obviously skip a few meals

While I do as much as I can to help my immediate family, I’m not changing the world!  So, what’s the difference in sitting in the recliner all day watching I Love Lucy re-runs or sweating in the hot sun tending a garden or cutting fabric into small pieces and sewing it back together again?

Find what works for you . . when you go to bed at night, if you’re happy with your accomplishments of the day . . you did good!  If you wish you had done more or something differently . . change it tomorrow!

You know what aggravates the heck out of me?  In the morning Vince is rushing around getting his “to go” coffee cup ready and grabbing his last minute things for work so after breakfast, I go to the recliner, sit down with Speck so neither of us is in Vince’s way and I usually pick up my knitting.  Five minutes!  He’s out the door within five minutes and I’m up and busy.  Often in the morning I will have made bread, done laundry (which is hanging on the line as he walks by), worked in the garden, maybe done a little sewing, and lunch is ready.  There’s about a 15 minute window within which time he arrives for lunch so once lunch is done, I’ll usually sit back down in the recliner and knit while waiting for him to get home.

He walks in the door and he almost always will say “You been sitting there all morning?  That’s where you were when I left!”  Really?  There was a time when I would try explaining all the things I had accomplished since he last saw me sitting in the recliner but nowadays . . the much older and wisher Judy simply responds . . yep, haven’t moved a muscle since you left.