What Guests Shouldn’t See

When your family is visiting, and you’re trying to convince them that Texas is the best place on earth to live, and you’re telling them that they can move right onto your land and build a house or maybe you’ll give them your little house and build your own house, there are two things you don’t want them to see.

First, you don’t want them to hear the weatherman say it’s going to be as scorcher . . heat index over 108º . . especially when you’re hoping to have Chad working with Vince on getting the trenches covered.

Second, you don’t want them to see this while walking in from outside!

Wolf Spider

I think it’s a wolf spider and it was about 4″ from the tip of it’s from legs to the tip of it’s back legs.  Supposedly, it eats other spiders.  Some places I read say it won’t bother humans . . some say it will bite and it has a venom that isn’t deadly but isn’t something you want to deal with so . . out came the “a-salt-weapon”.

Chad After the Spider

All the bad will be forgotten . . Vince and Chad came in from working outside when it got too hot, they took quick showers and headed to Llano.  Vince loves Llano and Chad will too.  The good news for me is that we have leftover macaroni & cheese, and leftover baked beans and I asked Vince to stop at Cooper’s and get smoked turkey and brisket for dinner.  I made two pies last night for tonight so today is a no cooking day for me!

Bugs Beware

When Chad and Vince are together, it seems things can go from bad to worse very quickly!

Last night a bug flew in.  I asked Chad to please get it but he was so sure it had a stinger and he didn’t want to get stung so . . Vince . . always ready to take care of anything that needs to be done said “I’ll get it!”

Vince After a Bug

Vince had ordered each of us a Bug-A-Salt gun and we were supposed to go out and declare war on the grasshoppers with a gun that shoots salt.  So far, I have not even taken mine out of the box but Vince has been practicing.  Every time there’s a bug of any kind in the house, Vince is ready to get out his Bug-A-Salt gun.  In the month or so that gun has been here, I’m betting at least two dozen times I’ve said ” You are NOT shooting salt inside the house!”

But, last night with Chad cheering him on, Vince went after a but inside the house.

Vince after a Bug

I do believe the bug survived.

Bug Hunt

Vince may not be so lucky if he gets that salt gun out inside the house again!  🙂