Bugs Beware

When Chad and Vince are together, it seems things can go from bad to worse very quickly!

Last night a bug flew in.  I asked Chad to please get it but he was so sure it had a stinger and he didn’t want to get stung so . . Vince . . always ready to take care of anything that needs to be done said “I’ll get it!”

Vince After a Bug

Vince had ordered each of us a Bug-A-Salt gun and we were supposed to go out and declare war on the grasshoppers with a gun that shoots salt.  So far, I have not even taken mine out of the box but Vince has been practicing.  Every time there’s a bug of any kind in the house, Vince is ready to get out his Bug-A-Salt gun.  In the month or so that gun has been here, I’m betting at least two dozen times I’ve said ” You are NOT shooting salt inside the house!”

But, last night with Chad cheering him on, Vince went after a but inside the house.

Vince after a Bug

I do believe the bug survived.

Bug Hunt

Vince may not be so lucky if he gets that salt gun out inside the house again!  🙂


  1. 3

    Helen Koenig1 says

    LOL – I can see it all now! A big framed picture of Vince holding his victim – uh, his catch – a big honest to goodness REAL winged…. Mosquito!!!!

    Or – maybe the “catch” of the day would be honest to goodness… June bugs!!!!! (My daughter’s nemesis!)

  2. 6

    Jackie says

    I honestly love reading your blog, I can imagine being with you guys while Vince is trying to get the bug, Chad laughing and you telling him to put the gun down. You always make me laugh. Have a great visit.

  3. 7

    AngieG9 says

    That is so funny. I’ve heard of all kinds of guns, but a Bug-A-Salt gun is a new one on me. I would love to see pictures of the two of you shooting grasshoppers with them. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that, and I can always count on you and Vince.

  4. 8

    Pam j says

    Go Vince Go…..he and my husband would get along beautifully!!!
    Hubby thinks, good bug (pest) is “dead pest”!!!…but Vince would love a “rodentnator” . At our home in Santa Fe, NM the 4 legged pest do not stand a chance !! We have the one that requires a setaline tank (sp?)..Men and their “toys” !!!