What Guests Shouldn’t See

When your family is visiting, and you’re trying to convince them that Texas is the best place on earth to live, and you’re telling them that they can move right onto your land and build a house or maybe you’ll give them your little house and build your own house, there are two things you don’t want them to see.

First, you don’t want them to hear the weatherman say it’s going to be as scorcher . . heat index over 108º . . especially when you’re hoping to have Chad working with Vince on getting the trenches covered.

Second, you don’t want them to see this while walking in from outside!

Wolf Spider

I think it’s a wolf spider and it was about 4″ from the tip of it’s from legs to the tip of it’s back legs.  Supposedly, it eats other spiders.  Some places I read say it won’t bother humans . . some say it will bite and it has a venom that isn’t deadly but isn’t something you want to deal with so . . out came the “a-salt-weapon”.

Chad After the Spider

All the bad will be forgotten . . Vince and Chad came in from working outside when it got too hot, they took quick showers and headed to Llano.  Vince loves Llano and Chad will too.  The good news for me is that we have leftover macaroni & cheese, and leftover baked beans and I asked Vince to stop at Cooper’s and get smoked turkey and brisket for dinner.  I made two pies last night for tonight so today is a no cooking day for me!


  1. 1

    Beth C. says

    Llano is known as the deer capital of Texas – perhaps that will tempt Chad to consider moving….LOL
    Beth in AL

  2. 2

    Diana in RR, TX says

    I just knew that some how you would work Llano and Coopers in during their visit!

  3. 3

    Sherry Moran says

    Llano is so much fun! We were just there for the Lavender Festival and had a good time.

  4. 4

    Sharie - Moss Bluff says

    As you probably remember I lived in southern California for 30 years. We had two young visitors, Victor’s age one from Japan. He was an exchange student staying with a lady down the street., She was a teacher and her son was a friend of Victor’s. The two boys asked if they could swim in our pool. The three boys swam for awhile and when it was time to go home, I was letting them out the front door which had a screen on it. I opened the door and a huge tarantula came over the top of the screen. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. Another visitor, a native of California took care of the situation. I never saw one in my house, I always said I would never be able to sleep again if I saw one inside. I am afraid spiders are not my thing..

  5. 5


    Ok, I really need one of those salt weapons. If it can get rid of some of the insects, arachnids and other critters…..it’s worth it…..LOL

  6. 10

    AngieG9 says

    And here I thought the worst looking spider was the brown recluse or the black widow. If I saw one like that in my apartment I think I would go out the window. Oh, wait, it was in the window. Okay, I’d be out the door and never set foot in this apartment again. Icky.

  7. 11

    Tam in Va says

    When we built our former house on a wooded lot, we had wolf spiders inside the house–upstairs in the unfinished portion, often on my daughter’s closet door.. Everyone sort of calmed down after I researched the arachnids. These wolf spiders were brown, hairy, up to 8″ diameter, carried their young on their backs, not aggressive, not poisonous, but will jump if surprised. We still killed them but felt bad about it. After all, we built on their turf.

  8. 12

    Pam j says

    How bazaar, this pm when I went out to the road to the mailbox, I looked down ….a giant “tarantula” !!! He was at least 8″ long from edge of legs in front to the end of the back legs… I swear he ran towards my flip flop feet… I dropped everything and ran about 10 ft., That thing scared me to death… He, I’m assuming it was a “he” as he seemed mean and aggressive.. He stopped and crawled up the side of the brick thing the mailbox is in… At 10pm with flashlight in hand, I went out to see if he was still there, that monster was trolling down the center of the asphalt road like he owned it !!! So I fully understand your visitor too !!

  9. 13

    Carol Harper says

    Husband did hid doctorate on wolf spiders. They are basically harmless, one of two groups of spiders that can see well, live in tunnels in the ground and hunt insects at night (although they ave good taste and won’t touch roaches).. We find them in the house now and again… Usually trying to find water, they get trapped in the bathtub. A piece of paper toweling (they crawl onto it) and I transport them back outside. I kind of am fond of them…

  10. 14

    pdudgeon says

    that spider takes me back in time! i remember years ago seeing a wolf spider in our trailer (which was surrounded by woods.) that thing scared me to death it was so big.
    now we only have to deal with occasional jumping spiders (which are much smaller) and a few other varities. We have barn swallows that are on bug patrol as well as lots of other birds around here, and they all take good care of the spider population for us. i would so much rather have birds than spiders.

  11. 15

    Sherryl says

    Yikes. A “wolf spider”?? couldn’t you have put your hand next to it so we could get a sense of how big it is? LOL I always try to remember that those spider are keeping other insects away… but I still never really want to run into any. Oy.

  12. 16

    Nancy B from Many LA says

    I call my wolf spiders my pets. I have a few of my dream car “hot wheels” residing on my kitchen window shelf, and one lived in one of my hot wheels for a while. LOL!

  13. 17


    We spent the night once in San Antoinio at a friend’s house, and all the kids slept on the floor. The next morning I saw the biggest scorpion I’d ever seen where they’d been sleeping. Ick! It still gives me the creeps, and it was years ago….