Another Interesting Critter

Chad was coming in from outside this morning and I heard him commenting on the size of a grasshopper.


I asked Chad to put a coin or something down beside it so we could have a comparison for its size and all he had in his pocket was a knife.


The big green ones like this bite and have drawn blood when Vince was trying to capture them for the chickens.  Chad has been catching grasshoppers for the chickens every evening so he was going to take this one to them and he said he could see it trying to open its jaws to bite him so somehow he got it on his pants leg and it stayed there while he walked out to where the chickens were and he brushed it off into their pen.  One grasshopper gone . . zillions more that I wish were gone.

Nicole Has a Hobby!

Nicole has not shown a lot of interest in sewing.  Before we moved from Missouri a couple of years ago, I asked her if she wanted a sewing machine.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  That didn’t bother me . . I get that look often!  🙂  Before I went to visit them in March, she mentioned that we might make curtains while I was there so would I please bring a sewing machine with me.  I asked her if she wanted me to bring one for her to keep .. you never know when you might need to mend something!  She said “No!  They scare me!”

The whole time they’ve been here, she’s shown more of an interest in sewing than ever before.  A couple of times, she mentioned that she needs a hobby.  We talked about knitting, and she’s tried knitting before. She does crochet.  One night I was telling her about hexagons and how easy they are.  After Addie went to bed, we headed to the sewing room.  I dug out the Accuquilt Go! Cutter, which I had not touched since we moved here but I did at least know where it was located. I ran a few pieces of card stock through the cutter, using the 2″ hexagon die. Then I ran fabric through using the 3″ hexagon die.  We each took a paper piece and a fabric hexagon and I showed her how to turn the edges under around the paper piece. She was loving it and I was loving that she was showing an interest in quilting.

The next morning, as soon as she got up, she said “You know what I was thinking during the night?” and it was something about the hexagons so I knew she was hooked.  As soon as Addie was down for her nap, we were back in the sewing room.  We cut lots of hexagons.


She printed hexagon graph paper so she can draw designs other than the basic Grandmother’s Flower Garden.  We cut lots of paper pieces.

Paper Pieces

We created a little “kit” for her.  It includes the “Frostings” bobbins with a good variety of thread colors for joining the hexagons.  It also includes a spool of light and a spool of dark Aurifil thread for basting the fabric over the paper pieces.  We got her a thimble at Wal-Mart.  I gave her a package of my favorite needles.  She’s going to use Addie’s fingernail scissors for her scissors for now.

A Kit

She couldn’t wait to sit and sew a bit.

Nicole sewing

She was doing an amazing job!  She has never really done any kind of sewing before.  I am so proud of her!


We were up way past our bed time!  Chad and Vince had long since been in bed.  By the time she put it all down, she had all the purple hexagons completely sewn down and the paper from the yellow center removed.  I’m betting by the end of the day today, she’ll have the next round done and she’ll probably have me back in the sewing room cutting more hexies for her to take home with her.

I’ve been very careful not to push Nicole into quilting but I do think I have a quilter for a daughter-in-law now!  She’s talking about taking a sewing machine home with her but they don’t think they’ll have room in the car so I’ll bring her one on my next visit.  Oh . . that makes me so happy!