Saving The Lemon Tree

The grasshoppers are totally destroying everything, including my Meyer Lemon Tree. It makes me sick every time I walk by it and have to pick a dozen of the most aggravating insects off the tiny little portions of leaves that remain.

It’s a 5′ x 5′ greenhouse from FlowerHouse.


A month or so ago Vince bought this little greenhouse.  I’ve been begging him to come up with a solution for keeping the grasshoppers from destroying the lemon tree and today, after about the third time he walked into the sewing room and found me sobbing because I miss Chad, Nicole and Addie, he said “Come help me put up the greenhouse”!

Lemon Tree

It probably isn’t going to last long in the Texas wind, sun, and occasional hail (notice I didn’t say rain!) but if it lasts a few seasons, I’ll be happy.

Tomorrow I plan to put some tomato seeds in cups and see if I can get those to grow enough so we can have fresh tomatoes through the winter.   I should be able to keep tomatoes growing through the year in there.  There are so few days that we need heat, that maybe I can haul them into the shop on the cold nights or . . maybe we’ll get the bigger greenhouse, which is 10′ x 20′, up before winter.

I’m so happy to have that greenhouse up and hope it offers some protection and I hope that lemon tree produces at least a few lemons so Vince thinks this little project was worth the effort and cost.

They’re Gone!

Seeing them drive away this morning was not easy!  I enjoyed every minute of their visit.  Every time I moan and complain about not getting to see them often, I’m reminded of moms who don’t get to see their children . . and I feel bad for being so sad that I’m whining and crying about not getting to see Chad, Nicole and Addie more often but dang it . . I want to live next door to them.  I want to see them every day.  But, I think those days are gone and I’ll be happy for the time I do get to see them.

Chad, Nicole & Addie

It’s amazing the things you never think of til you experience it.  I try to see Chad, Nicole and Addie about once every three months.  When I go to their house, I’m there for three or four, sometimes five days.  It’s so hard leaving but with a long drive facing me, I just do what I need to do . . get on the road and concentrate on driving.  This was their second visit here but the first time, they were just here for a weekend, they flew and we dropped them off at the airport.  It was sad but not nearly as sad as seeing them driving off down the driveway, knowing it will be several months before I see them again.

They got here on Monday and left this morning so I had five full days with them.  I think it’s harder for me when they leave here than when I leave there.  Memories of them are everywhere in the house.  I’ll find a few things they’ve left . . some things I will mail to them and some things I will take when I go see them next time.

The bathroom smells of Chad’s body wash.  The bedroom smells of the body lotion Nicole wears.  The porta-crib will be folded and stored away.  The half empty jars of baby food will be tossed from the fridge.

Chad and Vince went shopping for all kinds of things . . just like in the old days.  They got most of the pipe put in for the irrigation of the orchard.

Chad & Vince Working

Addie stayed busy, including playing in the pool.

Addie in the Pool

Nicole got her first taste of quilting and . . bless her heart . . while I was cutting hexagons, she put away all the fabric that was out and needing to be put back on the shelves.

Nicole’s Hexagons

I’m going to miss them terribly and our house will be way too quiet . . especially when Vince goes back to work tomorrow but . . “normal” will return.  Speck will be happy to be out of the crate.  My knitting can stay on the table beside my chair.  The baby gate into the kitchen will come down and go back into storage.

I’ll miss them every day til I see them again!

Stash Report – Week 28, 2013

Nothing added and the only thing used was 3-1/2 yards that were cut up into hexagons for Nicole to take home.

Used this Week: 3.5 yards
Used year to Date: 163 yards
Added this Week: 0 yards
Added Year to Date: 13 yards
Net Used for 2013: 150 yards