How a Bottle of Squirt Kept Me in Tears

This morning I was picking up in the house and I thought . . why is that bottle of Squirt on the fireplace?


Then I remembered that sweet little Addie hauled that bottle around with her everywhere she went and that’s where she left it.  You know what happened next . . grab the Kleenex . . tell myself I’ll see them in a couple of months . . go find something fun to do.

At lunch, I tried to tell Vince about it and yes, I cried again.

Early in the afternoon I was talking to Nicole on the phone and tried telling her and yes, I cried again.

The bottle of Squirt is now in the trash but . . as you might guess . . writing this blog post brought more tears.  Tomorrow there will be fewer tears and then less the day after and soon, I’ll make it through a whole day without being a cry baby!  Today is not that day!

And speaking of sad, sad situations . . if you enlarge the picture, you may notice a grasshopper on the fireplace screen.  They’ve moved inside . . I killed four in the house today already.

Quilt Top Finished

With the much needed rain falling off and on most of the day, there is quite a bit of mud in the garden so I figured today was a great day to stay in the sewing room.

This top is now finished!

Finished Top

Nothing in the pile was big enough for a backing without having to add other fabrics.  I found a navy in the stash and even though it had been washed, I’m running it through the washer again . . just because it’s so dark and there’s a lot of white in this top.

The backing is pieced for the aqua/brown chevron top I finished a while back.  I’m going to try to get it loaded on the longarm before dinner.

Monday isn’t even over and my stash numbers for this week are amazing!  🙂


Little Reminders

My apologies to anyone else who has mirrored closet doors but I think they’re so darned ugly.  They’re here and we’ll probably have them forever but, the set in the guest room hold very special keepsakes.  Addie’s crib was close enough to the closet doors that she could reach out and touch the baby in the mirror.  Nicole would then hold her and show her the baby in the mirror and she would touch that baby . . only higher up on the mirror.  There are lots of little baby handprints on those mirrors and it makes me smile every time I see them.  I am not cleaning that mirror!  Not any time soon anyway.

Baby Hand Prints on the Mirror

The other thing is this, and probably something folks in the city don’t do but out here in the country, especially in Texas, target shooting is a sport.


When I look out my sewing room storm door, this is what I see.  Chad LOVES to shoot.  Vince LOVES to shoot.  Nicole LOVES to shoot.


Judy . . not so much but I’m a good sport.

Target Shooting

Flip flops out there . . bad Judy . . bad Nicole!

Vince and Chad each had their turns.  I think every night except maybe the last night, they went out and did a bit of target shooting.  From my sewing room door, I can’t see the other targets but this big old box propped up against a dirt pile with all those trees in front just reminds me more of Chad being here.

The memories are fun and the tears don’t flow as quickly today as they did yesterday.  I already mentioned to Vince when I’m planning to go there and it’s a bit sooner than my three month interval but right now, I believe he’s tired of seeing me crying so he’s pretty agreeable.  🙂