Little Reminders

My apologies to anyone else who has mirrored closet doors but I think they’re so darned ugly.  They’re here and we’ll probably have them forever but, the set in the guest room hold very special keepsakes.  Addie’s crib was close enough to the closet doors that she could reach out and touch the baby in the mirror.  Nicole would then hold her and show her the baby in the mirror and she would touch that baby . . only higher up on the mirror.  There are lots of little baby handprints on those mirrors and it makes me smile every time I see them.  I am not cleaning that mirror!  Not any time soon anyway.

Baby Hand Prints on the Mirror

The other thing is this, and probably something folks in the city don’t do but out here in the country, especially in Texas, target shooting is a sport.


When I look out my sewing room storm door, this is what I see.  Chad LOVES to shoot.  Vince LOVES to shoot.  Nicole LOVES to shoot.


Judy . . not so much but I’m a good sport.

Target Shooting

Flip flops out there . . bad Judy . . bad Nicole!

Vince and Chad each had their turns.  I think every night except maybe the last night, they went out and did a bit of target shooting.  From my sewing room door, I can’t see the other targets but this big old box propped up against a dirt pile with all those trees in front just reminds me more of Chad being here.

The memories are fun and the tears don’t flow as quickly today as they did yesterday.  I already mentioned to Vince when I’m planning to go there and it’s a bit sooner than my three month interval but right now, I believe he’s tired of seeing me crying so he’s pretty agreeable.  :)


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    Claudia Wade says:

    I get those little handprints on my windows and glass doors when my grandsons visit every couple of weeks. I love them. Every time I see a little handprint I smile.

  2. 2
    Toni in TN says:

    We had those same mirrored closet doors when we lived in TX. They were never cleaned until the house went on the market. Brings back happy memories.

  3. 3

    No mirror cleaning would be done, if I were in your shoes. I have been blessed to be close to my two grandchildren. I have kept them some when Mommy worked and they attended the elementary school where I worked. I have a ton of special to me mementos that I cannot throw away. I would be in the car on the way there anytime I could arrange it no matter how close together the trips! Hugs for your heart as you adjust to them not being there.

  4. 4

    oh don’t wash the mirror!!! Keep a diary!! Just for Addie!!! You are looking good there with the target shooting! And you all look like pros!!!

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    Debbie Rhodes says:

    I have saved those handprints… my daughter bought one of those hobby lobby kits and made me hand prints.. What I wish I had done is trace their hands on birthdays and then did a red work embroidery of their hands at 18 or so… Another thing I saw was when they start kindergarten get a large T shirt and take their picture first day of school every year with that t shirt on… to see how fast they grow. saw that on pintrest… they had “First Day of School” on the shirt… Lots of clever ideas out there.. of course my grands are in middle and high school..

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    Pat C in Washington says:

    Glad to see you wearing ear protection while shooting! My late husband was the range master for the shooting range back in the ”70s and ’80s when he supervised the reserve police officer program at a small eastern Washington police department. He sustained serious hearing loss because macho men didn’t wear ear protection back then. Even if you only do it “once in awhile”, loud percussive noises can cause a lot of damage.

  8. 9

    I take no offense, but I’m the opposite and think mirrored closet doors are so much better than a plain painted closet door…to me, it makes a small room seem a whole lot bigger. Now, if I were to see my own reflection in that same mirror, I’d totally agree with you ;p

  9. 10
    AngieG9 says:

    Only one mirror in my apartment and I would take it out if I could. I sure don’t want a full length one. It would scare me to death to see myself full length

    You do all look like pros on the shooting range. I tried it once while taking the Citizens Academy at the police dept. Hit the bullseye dead in the middle every time. Only problem was, they had two targets, and I didn’t hit the one I was aiming at, but the other one. That’s probably why I could never swat a fly. Just fanned them every time.

    BTW, I found a possible solution to your grasshopper problem. Spray them with a half and half solution of Dr. Bonner’s Castile liquid soap and water. Or just mix up all the oils you have in your kitchen and add water, and try that as a spray. Never know, it could work.

  10. 11

    I have a handprint on a mirror that is 2 years old from our grandson. When I clean the mirror I clean around it. It’s in the corner and just precious.His hand has grown so much I can hardly believe it was his but I just can’t wipe it away yet. It was his first one. I have cleaned all the others off of doors and other mirrors though. My husband can’t believe I have left that one because I am such a clean freak (lol). I was not going to be one of those goofy Grandmas but I am..

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    Joan in NE says:

    Makes me want to go out and practice. We haven’t been target shooting for ages. I know that shooting scares a lot of people, mostly because the media is always yelling about it, but hey, out here if you do not know how to shoot, you would loose a lot of animals. I still have to laugh when a group of us stopped at a friends home in the sand hills of NE. The rifle was in the corner of the living room and shells lined up on top of the window sill. She was in charge of watching the valley around the calving shed. Coyotes would come in and try to take the new born calves. About freaked our “city” friends out, but out there, its necessary..
    We had the girls believing they would have to sleep in the “bunkhouse” and they were having visions of the TV westerns “bunkhouse”. One said I will just get a room in town, not realizing “town” with a motel was 80 miles away. However the “bunkhouse” was actually the basement of the home. One could not believe she lived in a newly built home with all the conveniences we all have. Running water, TV etc.

  12. 13

    Aw, I wouldn’t wash that mirror either Judy. Tears can really wear a fella down – especially a soft-hearted man like Vince!