More Fabric

Instead of unplugging all the gizmos that are plugged in for the TV to work, Vince put boxes in front of the open shelves so Addie couldn’t get to all the cords.  Yesterday when he took the boxes back to storage, he said “Did you know one of those boxes has fabric?”  NO!  I had no idea.  I really thought the fabric was all unpacked.  Wrong!

Another Box of Fabric

It’s mostly big pieces of fairly ugly fabric that I am guessing was intended for backings.

When I’m finished with a fabric that I pulled from the shelves, I stick it in a pile in front of the sewing machine, with the intention of putting it back on the shelf with the proper color stack.  That doesn’t usually happen til the stacks get so tall they fall over.  While I was cutting hexagons for Nicole, she put all my fabric away and it was so nice and clean there.

The day she left . . the very day . . I unpacked another box and here’s the dreaded “ready to fall over again” stacks.

Stacks of Fabric

Maybe before this day is over, I’ll get those stacks put away.  And if I’m lucky, there are no more boxes of fabric waiting to be unpacked.


  1. 1

    What a nice surprise!

  2. 2

    Nice surprise on the fabric box. I call that the avalnche method of cleaning. I wait till it falls over to put it away. When the kids were little everything went on top of the TV cabinet and when it would fall over I would clean it up.

  3. 3

    At least you don’t have to add it to the stash report. ;-)
    Always fun to find something that were missed. Just think what else is in the rest of the boxes.

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    pdudgeon says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, but under that pink fabric, isn’t that a bit of the printed Christmas border/backing fabric you were looking for a few years ago?
    if it were me, i’d take the opportunity to at least match up a few of those fabrics to use as backings for the waiting quilt tops,( and knock out a few more quilts for your stash report *wink wink*) before putting the stack away.

    • 5

      No, that’s just some bright bubble fabric. I’m thinking what you’re thinking. I’m just about to finish up the blue/yellow quilt and hope I can pull a backing fabric from the pile. Also, I want to quilt the brown chevron top and am hoping to pull a backing from the pile.

  5. 6

    That fabric in the first picture has been boxed up for quite some time! Ask me how I know?!!! ROFLOL

  6. 7

    If you ever feel the need to get rid of some …………..- oh what am I saying- I just bought another container to put mine in and it’s full already!! LOL

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    AngieG9 says:

    I’ll finish Robin’s statement—-send it to me. I’m quickly cutting down my yarn stash to make room for the fabric stash I plan on starting, and any donations would be welcome. I even donated several of the ruffled scarves to the MS association this morning, so that will cut down on a lot of space in the closet. And another bunch of the scarves will be donated to Mt. St. Joseph picnic, so that will really cut back on the space. I’ll just keep a few for Christmas gifts, and some that I wear myself, so now I’ll finally have room for fabric (big hint here). It’s always nice to go thru boxes and find stuff you forgot you had. I still have a lot of books to give away, since I can’t hold them any more. I can still hold a needle though.

  8. 9

    Hello Judy,
    I for one LOVE the first two fabrics in the newly discovered box of fabrics, The turquoise and the leaves. They abolutely sing to me, If I saw them in a shop they would be screaming at me, take me home, take me home! and you said that they are rather ‘ugly’ Think I have more fabric than I can use in a triple lifetime but I still collect it.
    So so true, ‘one mans meat is another man’s poison’
    I would not clean the wardrobe doors either, the little ones grow so quickly and next time Addie visits the hands witll be so much bigger.
    Cheerio from Western Australia.

  9. 10
    Joan in NE says:

    Oh isn’t it fun to find a forgotten “stash”? ha. Needless to say I occasionally find a bundle that has been forgotten. Oh well,, at least is is “free” stash–Ok at one time it was purchased, but now it is a free addition.