Italian Patty Pan Squash Bites

We’ve been having fun with our patty pan squash.  Three little plants surely can produce a lot of squash!   When Chad and Nicole were here, I made a patty pan squash pie.  With the spices and texture, Vince said it tastes like a sweet potato pie.

Last night I experimented with Italian Patty Pan Squash Bites.

Patty Pan Squash

The squash was sliced about 1/4″ thick and the seed section was removed.  I dipped it in an egg/buttermilk wash, then in seasoned flour (seasoning included salt, black pepper and Italian herb blend) and fried it.  Fresh mozzarella cheese was thinly sliced and a piece of cheese was placed on top of each piece of squash.  I stuck this under the broiler just long enough to get the cheese soft.  One fresh basil leaf was placed on top of the cheese.  A slice of fresh tomato topped it all.

It was yummy!  We were saying we could even add a slice of bacon underneath that tomato . . that would be good too, huh?

For dinner, I heated up left over chicken parmigiana for Vince but I had just veggies.


Patty Pan Squash Bites, yellow squash and crowder peas.  Everything but the mozzarella came from the garden.  These are the dinners I love best of all!


The State of the Garden

It’s pretty amazing how everything has come in at a different time this year.  It doesn’t always happen that way.  The potatoes are always one of the first things in the spring garden and I was pretty much done with them by the time the squash was ready to pick.  This has been the best crop of squash I’ve ever gotten.  I always figure that if I get about 50 packs or jars of something, that will give me enough to have it about once a week.  That isn’t really true though because I probably start picking squash the first part of June and it produces well til the end of July so I really only need 10 months worth . . say 40 packs in order to have enough to have it once a week.  I’ve put up well over 60 packs/jars . . some dehydrated and some in the freezer.

Now that the squash is starting to near its end, the tomatoes are producing like crazy.  I had to can a batch of tomatoes while Chad and Nicole were here.  Sunday after they left, I picked a 5 gallon bucket full of tomatoes and yesterday in between the rains, I picked another half bucket.  They were wet so I spread them out on to dry til I can get them canned.


Yep, there’s a little squash on that towel too.  It was going to be for dinner last night but I ended up picking more so I cooked what I had picked last night.

Heirloom Tomatoes

The ones above are mostly the heirloom tomatoes and I keep those separate so we can eat those.  I’ll have to can some of them but they’re the best for slicing and eating.

In the early stages of this garden, I thought the tomatoes weren’t going to do much . . those late frosts really set them back, but if they keep it up, they’re going to give me the best crop of tomatoes I’ve had in a very long time.  That may be a bad thing when I’m in the kitchen canning tomatoes for days on end.

I should can these today but some of them need to get a bit more ripe.  I’m having to pick them greener than I usually do to keep the grasshoppers from ruining them.

So far, I’ve put up 26 quarts of tomatoes.  The little cherry tomatoes don’t get canned . . those are for snacking!  We love fresh tomatoes!

EQ File Added

This quilt was named “Big & Bright” back when I first wrote the directions before it had pieced borders.  You can find the info or making the quilt without the pieced borders here.

Big & Bright

For now, I’m not writing additional instructions for this quilt.  The Electric Quilt file has been added to the EQ Files tab at the top of the blog.