Amazing Rain

For folks who get plenty of rain, or even those who are getting too much, it’s really hard to believe what life can be like when there’s a terrible drought and the rains just aren’t coming.  This area doesn’t get much rain when we’re not in a drought but with the drought, it’s just been unbelievable.  The area has water restrictions . . some can water on Monday, others can water on Tuesday.  Your day is determined by whether your street number is odd or even.  We’ve been in Stage 3 of our drought plan.  There’s been much talk of going to Stage 4.  It was pretty much accepted that when the water board meets for their August meeting, we would go to Stage 4.  That means everyone is supposed to cut their water usage by 50% . . figure that one out when folks have been working so hard to conserve already.  All outdoor watering was supposed to be stopped but the water board was trying to find a way to still allow residents to do some smaller amount of watering.

Typically, July and August are months when we get no rainfall but this year has blown that statistic and we’re all so happy for the rain.  Some folks about 30 miles from here have reported receiving 11 inches of rain.  Last time I checked, the lake was up 4 feet.  The ground is saturated so all the rain that falls in the lake’s watershed now is running into the lake.  The water for most of this area comes from that lake.  People are almost giddy with the amount of rain we’re receiving.

Ranchers had gotten rid of their cows last summer or the summer before and some who were hopeful had brought in more cattle but many were taking those to market due to the dire conditions we’re been experiencing.  Pecan trees, which are a big cash crop in this area, were being affected adversely by the drought. The grasshoppers are even caused by the drought and they’ve destroyed everything from my own tomatoes to acres and acres of hay .. not to mention that they ate the screens on the windows last year.  It seems that during spring, when grasshopper babies are hatching from their eggs that were left behind the previous summer, if it’s a wet spring, there’s a fungus that kills off many of the grasshoppers.  If it’s a dry spring . . they all survive and thrive and since we had such a bumper crop of them last year, they left behind lots of eggs and we have a double bumper crop of them this year.

At our house, our rain gauge showed that from Sunday through yesterday we had gotten about 3-1/2″ of rain.  Today we’ve gotten close to 1/2″.


The pictures are a bit blurry . . they were taken from a moving vehicle through a dirty window but at least I wasn’t driving!  It’s so rare to see water in the tanks (ponds if you’re not in Texas).  There was water pooling on any low spot in the fields we passed.


This field could have been one that had been irrigated but it looks like weeds so I’m not sure if it was green because it has been irrigated or because of the recent rains.  It’s rare to see anything this green around here in July.

Storm Clouds

Before we left Abilene, another round of storms was moving in.  No one was complaining!


Driving in the rain!  Vince said “How long has it been since we’ve driven through rain?”  I could not remember the last time we had to use the windshield wipers.

As we got closer to Brownwood, the skies became blue, without the gray rain clouds but we hadn’t been home long when the rains arrived here.  For the first time in the two years that I’ve been here, there’s a little standing water in our yard.  The ground is sandy so it isn’t terribly muddy and again, no one is complaining.

The only thing more fun than trying to catch four little chickens before dark is trying to catch four little chickens in the rain before dark!  So . . out we go . .  🙂

Chevron Top Quilted

Yesterday I began quilting the chevron top.  It’s definitely not my favorite quilt ever made but it is going to work great in my guest room.  It’s 88″ x 100″ and I was happy to get it quilted.

Chevron quilt

The colors are way off because I had to take the picture at night with the flash . . well, the truth is . . I took several pictures during the day but didn’t realize I had a memory stick in the camera that has made one trip too many through the washer and dryer so I went back and took another picture and it was dark and I had to use the flash.

As soon as I have a few minutes, I’m going to get all the good pictures off that memory stick and throw it in the trash and then I’m going to be real careful about not sticking those sticks in my pocket and washing them.

Maybe tomorrow I can get the binding done and it will be finished and on the bed!  And maybe I can get a better picture!

My Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday and it’s a big one!  Any of you local folks see him, please give him a hug for me!

Here he was several years ago with the green cat quilt I made him.

Green Cat Quilt

My dad is the kind of dad everyone deserves to have! He was always patient but firm, kind but strong and best of all . . he didn’t kill me for some of the crazy things I did growing  up.

My dad can fix everything and that makes it kinda hard sometimes when your husband isn’t a fixer.  After having grown up being able to hand my dad anything that wasn’t working . . from a cheap ink pen that I loved to a problem with a car, I sometimes have to remind myself that Vince isn’t a fixer.

Once when I was either in high school or college, my Mustang needed a tune up.  It was “missing” (I think that’s what it was called) but I told my dad something was wrong with my car.  He asked what it was doing  . . .  and heck, how does a girl explain that?  I thought of how to describe what I was experiencing and . . finally, I had the words.  I told him “It seems like the back wheels are trying to catch up to the front wheels!”  With that little bit of info, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

We were disciplined but I never remember my dad being mean or hateful or not having time for us.  We always had everything we needed and often what we wanted.

I think of how some kids these days, and probably in the days when I was growing up, were raised and I am so blessed to have my dad for a dad!

So . . Happy Birthday Dad!