A Bit of Shopping

Yesterday I ran by a couple of shops and things for Addie just jumped right into my cart!


This is the cutest little vest type thing.  I love shopping for her . . this could break Vince from taking me shopping!

Baby Clothes

There were a couple of other things . . a little dress, a book, some bowls with lids . . a package is heading their way tomorrow.


Camp Loopy Project 3 for 2013

Whew . . the third and last project for Camp Loopy was announced yesterday.  I had a feeling it was going to happen yesterday and we were gone almost the entire day and it’s so hard to choose a project and then yarn just by using the cell phone.  At one point during the day, I did check Sheri’s blog and saw that the only requirement for the August project is that it uses 800 yards.  The rest of the day I was thinking about what I might do and a couple of times, I did grab my phone and go to Ravelry and look up a pattern that floated through my head.

I want to do a cardigan but I don’t thing trying to do it within a one month period would be good for my first cardigan.

We got home and I spent at least an hour on Ravelry and decided to make the Cabernet Sauvignon shawl.

Project 3

Next decision was which yarn to use.  Any yarn that I thought might work got added to my cart.

TLE Cart

Actually the two teals are for something I’m making for Nicole and I wasn’t sure which one to use.  The top brown is for another project.  The other possibilities were for the Camp Loopy project.

TLE Cart

After another hour, the yarn choices were narrowed down to the last three.  Any guesses as to which one I chose?  And, why do you think I chose that one?  All three of them are kinda boring, aren’t they?  You can see which teal I chose for Nicole’s project but that won’t get done til after the Camp Loopy project is done.  800 yards is a heck of a lot for me to do in one month.  I can do it . . can’t I?  🙂