Chevron Quilt Finished

There are some things I’m better at than other things.  One thing I do best . . and if there were Olympic competition in this category, I could win hands down . . Procrastinating!  When it comes to figuring out how to avoid doing what needs to be done, that comes so easy for me.

All it needed was binding.  The fabric was laying with the quilt.  Cut the binding, sew the strips together, attach it, finish the binding!  That was my goal for all of last week.  Never touched it.

Yesterday I went into the sewing room and said “I’m not leaving here til that binding is done!”  I then got on the computer and messed around, cleaned off the cutting table, cut some hexagons for Nicole, put some food in the pantry . . and decided to go outside and water the garden!

Not long after I began watering, I said to myself “The binding is going to be done before you go to bed!”

So, I turned off the hose, stopped and rubbed Boots’ belly, went into the sewing room, cut the binding, sewed the strips together, attached it to the quilt and finished it!

My blog friend, The Dirt Road Stripper Scrapper, always takes pictures of her quilts in such pretty settings.  I throw mine over the longarm, take a crooked picture and call it done.  Today I decided to go outside and find a place to take a picture.  Hmmm . . I walked all over looking for a good spot.  No good spots!  Barbed wire fence . . not good.  Rusty pipe fence . . not good.  Black widow infested picnic table – not good.  Maybe the bench out front.

Chevron Quilt

Chevron Quilt

Why do the stripper’s scrapper’s pictures always look so good and mine looks like I threw the quilt over a bench?

Maybe if I drape it over the blueberry fence . . .

Chevron Quilt

Chevron Quilt

Yep, it looks like I draped it over the blueberry fence . . with the water hose sticking out from under the quilt.  I’m not very good at the staging part of this . . I think I’ll just throw them over the longarm and let someone else have all the pretty photos.

What I did find was another cactus that’s popped up out there.



That’s the second one I’ve found that I didn’t know was there.  I have a fear of stepping on one of these things with my flip flops on and it going into my foot.  I know . . don’t wear flip flops in this hostile environment!  Some day I will learn . . probably when I step on a cactus and a “whatever you call those things” goes through my foot!  Not sure if it’s this one but some of these cactus will puncture tires on a truck, lawn mower, wheel barrow . . so you know what they would do to a flip flop.

Yes, I’d better just stay inside and take pictures with quilts draped over the longarm.  Much safer!


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    Your quilt is so pretty! If I had something like that in my yard, I would want to put a big bright orange traffic cone beside it so I didn’t forget and step on it. Yikes!

  2. 3

    Gwen says

    I amaze myself some days with the things I do to keep from doing my less liked things. There is a quilt waiting to be trimmed for binding spread out right now! Wonder if that will get done? The laundry is almost done instead and that is a good thing! LOL! Sure would be a big fight over that gold medal!

  3. 4

    Inka from Germany says

    You could hang the Quilt on your Clothesline for the Photos. With the sun from behind in the morning the quilting will also be visible pretty good.

  4. 5

    AngieG9 says

    That quilt would be pretty hung over anything. Be careful where you put your feet in those flip flops. You have chickens to chase tonight and I live for those stories.

  5. 7

    Diana in RR, TX says

    Yes, you do not want to step on those. They are nasty! I can never figure out where to put quilts either for pictures. You would have competition for that gold medal in procrastination!

  6. 8

    EagleKnits says

    I also find myself procrastinating (a lot!)… not only for things I don’t want to do, like cleaning out the basement, but also for things that I do want to do, like quilting. I think it’s all guilt related — “You haven’t cleaned the basement, so you’re not allowed to sew” — so I don’t do either one. If someone could find the secret to overcoming this, they could make a fortune! Yesterday I saw a quote that needs to become my motto: Live today, procrastinate tomorrow!

  7. 9


    Sorry Judy, but I could beat you hands down for the gold in procrastinating! You accomplish a lot more than I can even think about. I love the chevron quilt.

  8. 10

    Diana says

    LOL sorry ladies.. but my Dearest Hubs wins the gold for procrastination (unless its something HE wants to do !LOL). I am still waiting for my living room to be painted from moving in two years ago. He doesn’t like the way I use a roller as I do the “W” then go back and fill it in. I was told that is not how a professional does it .. so have at it Dearest Hubs .. LOL

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    My DH, a cactus expert, says the one in the photo is an Echinocactus – has a lovely rosey/deep pink flower. He said they are iffy to transplant and suggest you put a stake or something to mark the spot. As to staging a quilt photo shoot – I , too am presentation challenged. Lovely quilt!