Icy Rivulet is Done!

Yesterday morning, as soon as Vince left for work, I tackled the “fake tubular bind off”.  This was something I had never done and wanted to do it when I was home alone.  It makes an interesting bind off for the k1 p1 ribbing.

Fake Tubular Bind Off

Fake Tubular Bind Off

It was very easy to do and makes for a neat bind off with that ribbing.

The Icy Rivulet pattern was a joy to make. I loved the tubular cast on.  That was also something I had never tried.

Tubular Cast On

Tubular Cast On

It makes the nicest edge!

The blocking, as always, was my least favorite part.  Every time I block something, I say this . . those blocking wires are pure evil!  I do not like them at all but they are necessary.

Icy Rivulet

Icy Rivulet

And, finally, the finished project.  I love it . . love the yarn . . love the color . . I just love it!

Icy Rivulet

Icy Rivulet


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      Bev says

      Judy, This is gorgeous, and you inspire me! I wonder if I could find a knitting class here in my area, and if it would be affordable. Think I need that in order to learn the stitches and get them all right. Would love to make socks and shawls. Years ago, I made one knitted ripple afghan, and it’s always been my favorite (over crocheted ones.)

  1. 3


    That is just gorgeous! I’ve been watching you all month making this and have been dying to see the finished project. Great job!

  2. 4

    Theresa says

    Lovely! Maybe I’ll make one once the dust settles after our move. Great job getting it done so quickly.

  3. 9

    Karen says

    Looks beautiful Judy. I finished and blocked my shawl – haven’t taken a picture yet.

  4. 13


    Nice work! It’s lovely. You inspired me to get the yarn. Step one, right? Gotta finish some other things first though.

  5. 14

    Gale in California says

    That is about the prettiest knitted item I have ever seen. I can knit, but I don’t and I don’t usually get excited about your projects, but this one is so gorgeous!

  6. 15

    Terri says

    That is so pretty! And my favorite color!
    non-knitter question here, do you have to reblock each time you wash something had knitted? Realizing this won’t need to be cleaned very often at all, but what about socks? I’m going to assume you hand wash them?

  7. 16

    Mel Meister says

    That is a stunning stole! Any chance you will be photographed wearing it? (hint hint).