Dreambird Progress #6

How did it get to be Friday so quickly?  I’ve had so little knitting time this week.  Yesterday I had dinner in the crockpot way before noon and planned to knit the entire afternoon and it was almost 10 p.m. before I touched the needles.  Things went downhill from there.  The yarn I’m using isn’t real smooth.  There’s nothing wrong with it .. it’s kind of a “rustic” type yarn and that’s how it’s supposed to be but every now and then, it’s a but too lumpy.  As I was working on the feather last night, I kept thinking . . this is ugly!  I finished the feather and finished the background but before going to the next feather, I said to myself . . I cannot leave that ugly feather.  I ripped all that out . . all the way back to Row 4 and tried to be very careful so as not to have too many horrible lumps but still ended up with a few.

Lumpy Feather

Lumpy Feather

Can you see the lumps toward the right end of that top feather?  They look a whole lot better than the first feather did.  So, I ripped, stitch by stitch because I was so proud of myself, I had not put in a lifeline.  I was not going to bed til I had it ripped out.  At one point, I had planned to rip it out and re-knit it but at 2 a.m. I finished ripping and called it a night.  Too bad those darned chickens are awake at 6:40 a.m.

But, I did get the feather finished today and this is what I’ve done so far.



The green doesn’t look quite so bright without a flash!

This is one made by a reader without a blog. She told me that her feather yarn isn’t turning out like she thought it would . . she was hoping for yarn that changed color with each feather but I think her yarn is turning out very nice!

Linda's Dreambird

Linda’s Dreambird

Preparedness and Turning Folks Away

Recently I was chatting with a friend about our preparedness efforts.  We are prepared but what are we prepared for?  Short term disasters . . anything from an interruption in food supply at the local grocery store for whatever reason, to an ice storm (stop laughing . . September in Texas . . I would almost welcome an ice storm!), hurricanes — most any natural or man made disaster.

I talk a lot on here about what we have done but there’s a whole lot I don’t say and won’t say.

Any time a group of folks who feel they should be prepared for as many situations as possible start talking, the subject always comes up about sharing with those who have not prepared.  Vince and I have discussed it and we are both aware that having supplies and knowing there are folks around who don’t have supplies, would put us in a position of making some really hard decisions.  We know what we would do.

Prepping is hard work . . and it is expensive (solar wells, solar oven, stocking up on supplies).  It requires storing food, canning food, growing food.  I hope and pray that there’s never a time when I have to totally rely on our efforts and live off what we’ve put aside and put the skills to use that we’ve learned. But, I feel very good knowing that if the day ever comes, we’re about as ready as we can get.  I’m not saying everyone should live like we live or do the things we do but I am saying that if you’re someone sitting back planning to reap the benefits of what someone else has done . . shame on you!

My feeling . . and here’s where some of you will think I’m hard nosed and cruel but my feeling is this:  Everyone reads what I read.  You choose how you decide to interpret it.  You think the world is in good shape.  You think the government is going to be there to meet your every need and want in time of disaster.  You choose not to prepare.

I believe differently.  If something happens, one of us is going to be wrong.  I’d rather be the one with a stock of supplies and not need them, than to be the one waiting for help to arrive and it doesn’t come or is very late coming.  Have you seen folks after a natural disaster complaining about how long it took for help to arrive? Which position would you rather be in?  Waiting, hungry, thirsty and cold for help to arrive that may take days or weeks to arrive, and then you have to fight in lines to hope for meager supplies?  Or, would you rather go about your business at home, as usual as possible with as few interruptions as possible, knowing that you have everything you need to survive? I never want to be dependent on anyone for anything in a time of disaster.  I want to know that (1) I have what I need and (2) whatever I might need and don’t have, whether it be medical care or whatever, I have something which I can use to barter for whatever I need.

I never believe I’m prepared for every single thing.  A wildfire could come through here and wipe out everything we’ve saved.  A hurricane along the coast could destroy everything you’ve saved.  Not only do we need to be as prepared as we can be in our own homes, but we need to have alternate plans . . for those times when our own home is no longer an option, i.e., fire, hurricane, etc.

So . . having said that .. you choose whether to prepare or not prepare, and to what lengths you will go to prepare.  You might ought not plan to drop by and mooch off someone who has been doing all the work.  Most preppers I know feel they’ve worked very hard and every one has the opportunity to do the same and we wouldn’t take real kindly to someone showing up who hasn’t done their own work . . it wouldn’t be a good thing to show up at a prepper’s house and expect to be taken care of.

To me, saying you’re going to someone else’s house because they’re prepared is like saying “I’m not saving for retirement because my neighbor saves a lot for retirement and I’ll share his.”  You might ought to ask that neighbor how he feels about that idea.

Just some food for thought . .  If your prepping plans involve coming to my  house . . you’d better come up with a new strategy! Seriously, there are circumstances when we would help but for someone whose plan is to come to my house . . you really better come up with a better plan.

This is another one where comments are closed.  I don’t need to be told what a terrible person I am for having this strategy but there’s no way we can prepare, even for a short time, for our own needs and the needs of anyone and everyone who has not taken the time, money and effort to prepare for their own needs.  Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m big on personal responsibility.  A disaster will be a time for everyone to show they are responsible for themselves and their family to whatever degree is necessary given the circumstances; and help those who need help (and in my book, that’s not people who chose not to prepare).

Yarn Report – Week 35, 2013

No yarn was added this week.  It’s totally because of this report because there were several times I had a cart full and . . I just walked away.  I never even looked around to see if anyone was watching!  Oh . . wait . . it was an online cart!  No harm done . .  no one had to dig that yarn out of the cart and put it back on the shelves!  🙂

I’m working on Dreambird . . not finished so nothing to report as used but I am very steadily working.

A few patterns did find their way into my stash.  Just today at lunch Vince said “Do you ever use all these patterns  you print?”  Crazy husband!

Patterns Added

Patterns Added

Paulie and Ravello were added, and I found yarn in the stash to make both of them but that will have to wait.

Little Cotton Rabbits Patterns

Little Cotton Rabbits Patterns

The rabbit pattern was purchased a couple of months ago but the fox pattern and the dress pattern is new.  Both are from Little Cotton Rabbits.

But . . no yarn .. that’s a very good thing, right?

Used this Week:  0 skeins
Used since mid-August: 5.25 skeins
Added this Week: 0 skeins
Added since mid-August: 21 skeins
Net Used since mid-August : 15.75 skeins