It’s All About The Dirt

Some day, not any time soon I hope, we’re going to sell our place.  You know . . old folks can’t live out in the middle of nowhere forever, but I figure we have at least 20 or 25 years before we have to think about it.  Just think of what will happen in the next 20 years!  We might even get rid of the 18 year old Chevy S-10 pickup and buy a new truck!  Stranger things have happened!  🙂

Anyway, I was thinking last night that when we do get ready to sell our house, the potential buyer will come and they will ask if we have scorpions, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and all those bad things.  They’ll be just about to decide they don’t want to live here and then . . they’ll see my garden plot.



And they will say “Oh!  Look at all that dark, rich soil in the garden!  We’ll buy this place!”

See . . I don’t have any problems at all being out here by myself all day.  I can carry on conversations with non-existent people 20 years into the future!  🙂

Seriously, do you know what some folks would give to have dirt like this in their garden?  It’s pretty amazing to find it in this area.

Farmer Vince

Farmer Vince

There’s Farmer Vince in his green . . well, it once was green . . it’s kinda faded to something I wouldn’t really call green any more . . t-shirt.  We still need to get the PVC pipe out of the ground now that the new fence is finished but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done.

Dry Ground

Dry Ground

As good as my dirt is, when it gets this dry, it begins to crack.  I hate seeing that but can’t waste water just to keep the ground from cracking.

This evening I will get the cauliflower transplanted, even though it’s a bit early, and plant carrots, beets and lettuce seeds.  I love working in the dirt!





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    Rebecca in SoCal says

    My mouth is watering, thinking of those fall* crops. Lettuce, though? I think of that as a spring vegetable.
    *(As I sit almost shivering because I’m in the breezy shade and it’s BELOW 75! [Please excuse my shouting])…summer may be on the wane.

    • 1.1


      Nope, lettuce does not like hot weather. Won’t grow at all here in the summer. Below freezing temps didn’t bother it at all last year.

  2. 2


    You’re a country girl now. When the old S-10 gives up the ghost just pull it out in the trees and leave it there for someone else to inherit. 🙂 (I know you’d never do that.)

  3. 5

    Mary in VA says

    I would love to have dirt like that! We have red clay and blue chirt (rock). Most of my beds are raised and I’ve spent the last few years working on the dirt in them. You are definitely lucky!