It’s Denise’s Fault

It’s a good thing I don’t have many friends like Denise.  That girl keeps me in trouble.

Yesterday I was working so hard to get a top quilted.  I wasn’t hanging out on the computer wasting my time . . like some folks apparently do.  I won’t name any names!

Last year, or was it the year before, apparently we both bought enough yarn from Eat, Sleep, Knit that we are permanent members of the advance notice club, though that’s not the official name of the group.  I knew ESK was getting a new line of yarn in and had pretty much figured out that it was going to be Cephalopod.

Several years ago there was a company called The Sanguine Gryphon. They made “Bugga” yarn which is a heavy fingering weight, 70% Merino/20% Cashmere/10% Nylon.  Need I say more than “cashmere”?  Bugga was a much sought after yarn.  Shops that carried it sold out of it as soon as it was in stock.  Buying from the company direct was not easy.  As soon as they announced they had a certain color, it was gone.  I was spending more time trying to snag a few skeins of Bugga than I was knitting.

Then, the Sanguine Gryphon folks went separate ways and one of the partners maintained the Bugga line but none of the places I shop carried it . . til yesterday.

I knew the yarn was going to be put on ESK’s website  yesterday but in my effort to get that top quilted, I wasn’t even thinking about it til I got this email from Denise:

So have you ordered your Bugga??? 🙂  As usual, I’m not sayin I did but if I were to do so I particularly like:

Frog Leged Leaf Beetle
Blue Lobster
Eurota Purple Wing
Splendor Beetle
Jewel Anemone
Flamboyant Cuttlefish

So, I rushed over to the website and, well . . I’m not saying if I bought anything or not, and I’m not saying if I placed more than one order but I am saying . . I may call in sick on Friday and not do a Yarn Report!   🙁


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    I got that email too. I looked at what colors they had and then promptly closed the window! Aren’t you proud of me?!?! No calling in sick Friday. I wanna see pictures of your new acquisitions. Pretty soon you’ll be caught up on me on the “yarn added” column.

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      Amy . . get up from the computer and call the doctor. This could be serious! 🙂

      The minute I hit “buy”, I thought about your numbers and I promised myself when I saw that report of yours that I would NEVER have such a big “in” number. I’m not going to top your one week in number but I may be getting close to your “August 15 to date” numbers.

      Good for you for closing the window. Maybe I’ll get Denise to add you to her mailing list so you can buy the yarn and then blame her. It helps a lot to have someone to blame! 🙂

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        Doctor appt has been scheduled (for about a year now). I’m glad you hit that button. I need some company. I have plenty of other enablers to help me buy yarn. Speaking of…I will be getting yarn for the 4th Qtr Challenge, but technically my mom bought it as an early b’day present….so that doesn’t count against my no-buy record, but will add to my yarn total. I can live with that though.

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      Denise ~ justquiltin says

      I have very broad sholders to carry the burden tho. LOL Yes the abuse I take just looking after my friends.

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    Diana Purdy says

    I love reading your blogs ( yours and Denise’s), it’s comical how you both blame each other! Especially when we all know that we don’t have to have someone entice us to buy yarn or fabric. We do ok getting into trouble all by ourselves! Happy shopping! 🙂

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    Denise ~ justquiltin says

    Guilty as charged and darn proud of it. I was just looking out for you and your love of Bugga! And did you look today now that the announcement went out – over one entire row of colors is gone — you might have missed out on something you wanted. AND we’re not talking about how much other yarn might be coming with that FREE Camp Loopy bonus yarn. 🙂

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    I have no doubt that when the Zombie Apocalypse comes and the world as we know it ends… not only will you have enough food and water to survive – you’ll be able to knit and weave all your own clothing for years to come. Oh and if you want a good laugh… put Zombie in the Ravelry Pattern search… LOL

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    Susan says

    Judy, I must point out that you are as bad as Denise! I click all those links to see what pattern and yummy yarn you have come across … you are why I’m doing a Dreambird … LOL

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    I made the mistake of clicking on that link. Found a lovely sweater pattern, and some lovely yarn to make it in. Better yet, they have free shipping to Canada! Nobody does that!! I might have to order from them, just for that reason alone. I haven’t yet….

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    Sherrill says

    Well, it’s YOUR fault that I went and invested in 2 small, inexpensive skeins of sock yarn so I could try my hand at crocheting socks (since I don’t knit but I have to look at all your cute knit socks)!!! So don’t think you’re blameless here! LOL

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    I’m right there with Susan, above, in that you have been a “bad” influence on me and are the reason that I have almost my second sock completed and have started two more. I also have begun a small stash of “someday” yarn. So you are responsible for me having a lot of fun.

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      What is this? Pick on Judy day? Or, maybe . . “If you’re going to blame Denise, we’re going to blame you!” Hmmm . . I’m feeling like there may be a whole lot of husbands out there who don’t like me. Oh well, I guess as long as my husband likes me, I’m ok! 🙂

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    Mel Meister says

    I knit a pair of socks from Blue Lobster for my husband. I still have one skein left. I also have a skein of Eurota Purple Wing, too. Both from back in 2010 when The Gryphon was still around.

    Oh, One of my Tour de Socks is in Bugga!, too. It was one of the “un-named” lots as it was a “mistake”. Beautiful soft pinks/browns.

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    I am in love with Bugga! and it’s 100% your fault Judy LOL…..I first “heard” about it on your blog and bought a skein of Cuban Cockroach from The Sanguine Gryphon 3-ish years ago….When the package arrived I noticed that the studio was about 20 miles from my house…Go figure! Well then I started going to the Open House events that SG/VG have hosted and was lucky enough a few months ago to have to opportunity to spend the day at the VG studio dyeing Bugga! myself….OMG what a fun time!!! And it’s all your fault….Thank you so much for introducing me to Bugga!!!

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    Helen Koenig1 says

    I love that Flamboyant Cuttlefish! Of course I looked up each and every one of the colors, drooled over them, looked at the price and closed the window! If I knit really well – then maybe, but I don’t and right now I’m doing ok (not good) just to use what I have. And right now I seriously need to visit someone who knows what they are doing knitting wise because 3 rows in at 2 stitches per row – and already I have questions – and this is a BEGINNER project! (I’m making a scarf – a VERY basic scarf this trip)