The Cat Bungalow

Yesterday, the nice UPS man came driving up.  He’s the same driver who was here Friday evening when we were getting ready to go to the game.  I’d be real happy if we could have him every day but I’m sure we won’t.  Mr. Grump will be back!

Anyway, guess what the nice UPS guy told me?  We were talking about the football game here Friday night.  Everyone in this area talks high school football from August til . . when does it end . . November??

I’m having a hard time getting to the point . . and this is not even part of the cat bungalow story except that he delivered it!  He told me that his niece was one of the cheerleaders on Friday Night Lights!  Isn’t life out here in these woods just amazing?  I learn so much when I’m least expecting to learn anything!

The Cat Bungalow

The Cat Bungalow

The UPS guy said “That looks like a very nice cat bungalow!” and I said “If you’ll take the cat, I’ll give you the bungalow too!” but he wouldn’t and I wouldn’t have even if he’d said he would have.

Cat Bungalow

Cat Bungalow

Vince put it together.  I was kinda expecting Boots to think it was the best thing since sliced bread . . but then he probably knows nothing about sliced bread.  He was interested but not overly thrilled with it.

Cat Bungalow

Cat Bungalow

We moved the longarm farther from the wall and put the bungalow in front of the window.  It should be much better to climb up the steps of the bungalow than going up the drywall with his claws . . that’s what I would think.  He would probably have been way more interested if he didn’t already have those three deep windows where he sits to look out.  On one of the windows, he gets there by hopping onto the ironing board and then into the window.  On the second window, he climbs onto a sewing machine and then hops into the window but this one, he really was having to climb straight up the wall . . which didn’t bother him nearly as much as seeing the claw marks in the drywall bothers me.

I would have made this room larger had I known how many toys and bungalows and other stuff it takes to try to entertain a cat.


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    wanda ll says

    Now where is that catnip? You’ve got to smear that stuff all over the bungalow. That way it will make him happy and he will leave your stuff alone maybe.Will have to redo this about once a month.Then sit and watch you will be laughing your head off watching him go crazy. I had one who would get so excited he would foam at the mouth.If you get the package kind hide it because he will find it if left out and that will be all over the place. It is very fine and doesn’t take much just smush in it the carpet.You might grow your own next year to and dry it .
    I’m sorry he is making such a mess of everything material.Mine didn’t do that they just slept on everything. I started putting towels on the stuff they liked the best and washed them once a week. They didn’t mind either.
    I also gave them baths every 2 weeks. Yep started when the were 6-8 weeks old . Gave one a bath each day till he no longer gave me problems. From them on he just lifted his head and let me get after it.If you decide to give boots a bath water has to be very warm and put a towel down so he won’t slip and slide.Be careful the first time with those claws of his.

    Good luck with the new bungalow hope it helps out.

    • 1.1

      Mary in VA says

      I agree, smear it with catnip but I would keep the catnip in a sealed container in another building. I used to keep the catnip in a drawer until I discovered that my tux kitty knows how to get drawers open. It’s funny watching her work – she talks to herself as she’s trying to figure it out.

  2. 2

    Barbara says

    After all the things I’ve read so far about Boots, the thought of you giving him a bath made me laugh till I cried !!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Sherrill says

    I was gonna say the same thing..rub catnip all over it and he’ll LOVE it!! (at least he should..HA)

  4. 4

    Judy H says

    I agree – bathing Boots would NOT be something I’d want to undertake! LOL!
    I also agree with the catnip idea, though – sprinkle it all over the bungalow, especially inside the little house.
    I’m really curious to know which cheerleader is related to your UPS man! I loved that show! 🙂

  5. 5

    Vickie VanDyken says

    Once again you make my day 🙂 Don’t know what I would do without your real life stories of life , in all the ups and downs that it throws your way … Love you Judy!! Love your posts!!!

    • 5.1


      Thanks! That’s so sweet! I really do enjoy life and the things we do around here so I’m happy to share and hopefully make someone smile.

  6. 7

    Rebecca in SoCal says

    I see that he (Boots) did take the “inspector” position while Vince was working on it. Just like a kid in a workshop!

  7. 8

    Sherry says

    I’m not so sure about the catnip. We have four inside only cats and when they used to get catnip spread on carpets and on toys, three of them would get very aggressive. Doesn’t sound like Boots needs any help in that department.

  8. 11

    Mel Meister says

    Oh.. I was going to tell you. Pride weighed 5.5 pounds today at the vet. He was born May 6th, so he’s what… 13.5 weeks old, or something like that. He will be neutered at six months in November.

  9. 12


    Yep, rub a bunch of catnip into that thing and it will be much more interesting. And, when he does climb on it, it might make him a bit sleepy after a while too.