A Beautiful Peaches & Dreams Quilt

A blog reader sent me a link to a batik quilt that had been made using my Peaches & Dreams pattern.  You can see the quilt here.  I wrote her back, thanking her for the link and told her that it makes me want to pull out my batiks and make my own batik version of Peaches & Dreams.

The pattern is here and here are a couple that I’ve made:

Vince’s Quilt

Peaches & Dreams

There’s a blog post about it somewhere but this pattern came about when Chad came into my sewing room one evening and was telling me about all the wedding plans for his friend who was getting married. Chad was in the wedding and had been fitted for his tux and he was going on and on about it all.  Then he casually said “Oh, you know the wedding is in 2 weeks.  Is there any way you could make them a quilt?  Jenna’s favorite color is orange!”  2 weeks?  Orange?  Sure!

I came up with a super easy pattern, got busy and made a quilt.  It was probably double bed size. I think I hadn’t quilted it yet but had made the borders and sewn them all on . . 7 or 8 of them.  I showed it to Chad and he said “Mom!  They have a king size bed!”  Instead of ripping off borders and adding more blocks, I just started over and made a second orange quilt using the same pattern.

That wasn’t the end of my “too small Peaches and Dreams” quilts.  Vince wanted a new quilt for covering up while watching TV.  This is when we lived in MO and had cold winters.  I was thinking he wanted something to throw over his legs so I made a blue version without borders.  It was quilted and bound and when I gave it to him, he pulled it up around his chin and said “What about my legs?”  He decided he wanted to choose the colors for his quilt so he went through the fabric stash and came up with the colors in the first quilt shown above.  I think he did an amazing job.

The pattern is very easy, very forgiving since the blocks are turned so that there should be few places where seams have to match up. Even though I’ve made four of them, I wouldn’t mind making one  using batiks.



  1. 1
    Diana in RR, TX says:

    I really didn’t need another project on the list however I have enough batiks here to make it . Probably wouldn’t put a dent in my batik stash! But it would be a start. May have to go to the head of the list in the new year.

  2. 2

    Batiks would be lovely.

  3. 3

    Oh I LOVE that!! Think I’m going to have to do a scrappy for a donation quilt. So pretty and EASY! Thanks Judy!!

  4. 4
    Anne Simonot says:

    My purple/grey/white peaches & dreams blocks are all done but are still waiting to be put together. One day soon I will do that & send you a picture of my version. What struck me when I read this though, was what a nice mother you are! I think I’d have had a meltdown when the king-size comment was made; you go and make a whole new quilt!

  5. 5

    Ooo! I made one of these in batiks, too! In blues, creams and browns. I don’t think I ever managed to send you a picture…I’ll send one soon!

  6. 6
    Bev Austin says:

    Both are great quilts, and your borders really make it wonderful! I love the modern look, haven’t made one of those yet. And the idea of “fast” is very appealing too.

  7. 7
    Sharon in Michigan says:

    Thanks for sharing that great pattern. Looks like I have another quilt for my “To Do List”. Thanks for being so generous.

  8. 8
    Mel Meister says:

    I have a stack of oranges collected to make this quilt. I hope I can do it in 2014.