Design Wall Monday – October 28, 2013

Blame Game is still on my design wall.  Don’t ask me why I never checked the fabric I was using against the yardage requirements but I’m afraid I’m going to run out of the peach Moda Marble.  If we had a quilt shop nearby, I’d run get another yard but we don’t so I’m going to make do.  I’m working on the border blocks now just to see how far I get.  If I don’t run out, it will be unbelievably close. Bet I don’t do that again! Or, maybe I will!  :)

The alternating blocks are almost finished too.

Blame Game Blocks

Blame Game Blocks


  1. 4

    Your blocks are looking great! Thanks for hosting!

  2. 5

    All the fabrics that you have I’m sure you have something close to the same fabric. It’s looking great on the wall. I hope the kitten doesn’t climb it and take it down when you aren’t looking.

  3. 6

    Hope you have enough of the peach. Good luck!

  4. 7


    Happens to me more often than it should!!! Hope you find what you need w/o shopping !