Tell It To The Stars

It won’t be long til January 1 and Tell it to the Stars will begin. The finished quilt will be 78″ x 97″. It’s a sampler of sorts . . not totally a sampler but along those lines. Installments/instructions will be posted on the first day of each month, beginning January 1, 2014, and the final installment will be posted on December 1, 2014.

Thanks to Vicki Welsh for sponsoring the monthly prize for this project!

You may download a Tell It To The Stars Fabric Chart here and glue or tape your fabrics to the sheet to help keep you on track.

Vicki’s blog post about this project is here.

Fabric Requirements (Note:  If using Vicki’s kit, Fabric 2 will be about 1-3/8 yards because the outer border fabric in her kits is different).

Binding – 3/4 yard
Fabric 1 – Background – 4-3/4 yards
Fabric 2 – Accent Fabric – the “stand out” – 3 yards (Green for me)
Fabric 3 – Anchor – the “pull it all together” – 2-5/8 yards (Black for me)
Fabric 4 – Lightest of Shaded Fabric – 5/8 yard (Light Rust for me)
Fabric 5 – Light Medium of Shaded Fabric –  7/8 yard (Medium Rust for me)
Fabric 6 – Medium Dark of Shaded Fabric – 1 yard (Rose for me)
If you are not ordering a kit from Vicki and will be choosing your own fabric, here’s how I am suggesting you choose your fabrics.
Fabric 1 – Background – it needs to be sufficiently different so that there is no blending with any of the other fabrics.
Fabric 2 – Accent Fabric – this needs to be totally different from the other fabrics. This is the fabric you will see first and most.
Fabric 3 – Anchor – this needs to be another obviously different color . . nothing blending here.
Fabrics 4, 5 and 6 are shades of the same fabric and they need to be totally different from the other but #4 should be light, but not so light as to blend with your background, and #6 should be darker but not so dark as to get lost in either Fabric 2 or 3 and #5 should be in between 4 and 6. There doesn’t need to be a whole lot of difference in the value of these three but it does need to be enough so that they stand out as being three separate fabrics.
Fabric 6 could also be a color that’s related to Fabrics 4 and 5 but not necessarily the same color.  You will note that 4 and 5 for me are rust but 6 is rose.  I could see 4 and 5 being pink and 6 being purple, or 4 and 5 being gray  and 6 being blue.
Looking at the examples below, the top fabrics would be #1 and the bottom fabrics would be #6.
Example #1

Example #1

Example #2

Example #2

The installments will be posted on the first of each month. The links below will not be working links until the instruction installments have been posted so clicking on the link for that month’s post before the first of the month will lead to a broken link.
If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section and if I don’t see them quickly, someone else probably will and will help.  And as always . . if something doesn’t look right, please let me know.


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    Sue H in OK says

    Judy, Can’t wait for the last installment of “Back to Square One”! It’s a Christmas present for my future daughter-in-law 🙂 Am going to start pulling fabric for this quilt as soon as Thanksgiving is over and will be ready for New Years Day to start the new one. I’m so excited. I love your designs! They are so beautiful. Thanks for all your hard work.

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    Should the accent fabric be a medium? I’m trying out stash combos and can’t decide what I need to aim for in the accent. (THANK YOU!)