Fit for a Hero Instructions #11

Using the components made in Instructions 8 and 9, make the following strip. Pay attention to the orientation of the pieces from Instruction 9. You want the longer (3-1/2″) Fabric 1 strip to be horizontal .. not vertical. Make 12. Press the seam allowances towards the outside (towards the Fabric 1/3 pieces).


Sew the previously made components together to match the block shown below. Make 6 blocks.  Press the seam allowances towards the outside (or towards the strip shown above).



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    Diana in RR,TX says

    Hoping to get started on this by Friday. I know I’m only 11 steps behind! Need to get cracking on it so I have good numbers to end the year with in the stash report. My Tell it to the Stars kit from Vicky will be here probably this week! Will have to report that in the plus column!

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    I fell a little behind doing clothing construction for a Christmas present for a child and a doll. =) I’ll catch up soon, though!