Disruption in the Kitchen

Today is the day the granite guys are supposed to show up, remove the first piece of granite because the sink cutout was not right, and install a new piece of granite. The faucets and sink all have to come out again. Not looking forward to it but I believe Speck and I will sit in the bedroom and knit. I’m happy it’s happening on a Saturday . . Vince is home to deal with it all and then get the sink hooked up again and the faucets installed.

I’m hurrying to get breakfast done and the mess cleaned up before they get here . .

Hopefully it will all be done in time to use the kitchen again for preparing dinner!



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    Diana in RR, TX says

    Only minor disruption Judy! You still have a kitchen. I was planning on actually eating at home lat evening but yesterday the plumbers were here all day. As usual they encountered a few problems as to the way things had been done when this house was built, but finally did get the water lines in the slab to where they needed to be. We left to grab some dinner about 6:30, they were gone when we got home about 8. Yes we have water again and i will be cooking this weekend. Grill time! Week one is done!

  2. 2

    Swooze says

    Glad you are making good use of your time. I am cheering you on for your knitting and weight loss goals. Keep it up!

  3. 3

    Julie in WA says

    Kind of off topic…with your new eating plan, what do you eat for breakfast? Could you do a post on breakfast foods, Judy’s paleo way?

  4. 4

    Sherrill says

    UGH, it’s a big enough pain to have to go thru that once but twice is a beat down! No news on Boots lately..how he’s makin’ out?

  5. 5


    At least you have not been left with NO counters! In our last home, when we had the kitchen counters upgraded from laminate to granite, the man who took the measurements messed up by somehow DEDUCTING the overhangs instead of adding them on. On the day they came to install the granite, they demolished the original countertops first and THEN they brought in the new countertops and discovered the mistake. I was left with missing countertops, and all of my top drawers’ contents exposed, for an entire week. I hope your kitchen is back in shape in time for dinner, but if not, enjoy your takeout! 😉