Yarn Report – Week 17, 2014

There was a bit of yarn that arrived but  . . I have a good excuse. It’s for a test knit for Laura Aylor and I needed 1,000 yards of DK . . didn’t have it . . had to get it . . sounds reasonable, right? Four skeins came in and nothing was finished so there’s nothing to add to the used column.

If it hadn’t been for the project for Laura, I wouldn’t have ordered anything, despite Loopy updates, and several yarn sales so I’m feeling pretty good.

Used this Week: 0 skeins
Used since 1/1/2014: 22 skeins
Added this week: 4 skeins
Added since 1/1/21014: 112 skeins
Net Used since 1/1/2014: 90 skeins (red means I’ve added more than I’ve used)


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    Donna Williams says

    Perfectly reasonable. I mean, really. If you are going to knit something, and you don’t have the yarn. you need the yarn. No brainer. 🙂