On the Needles – May 2, 2014

On my needles – Pawley’s Shawl by Laura Aylor. This shawl is very easy to make, it’s a pattern repeat that’s very easy to memorize. It’s pretty enough, but not too fragile or dressy, that I think it might make a great gift for a couple of people on my list. It uses 1,000 yards of DK weight yarn so I can make it without breaking the bank. I had gotten much farther along on mine and then my Knit Picks cable came unscrewed and I pulled out a bunch of stitches and had to rip way back to get my stitch numbers right. I had thought that I didn’t need lifelines because this is such an easy pattern but  . . I was wishing I had put some in.

I’m hoping that one of the projects for Camp Loopy might work out so that I can make another one of these. I have a good bit more to make on this . . it’s a big shawl but such easy knitting.

Pawley's Shawl

Pawley’s Shawl


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    I love your shawl… the pattern, the color… everything! This might have to be next on my knitting list.

  2. 4

    Judy D in WA says

    That color is gorgeous!

    Whenever I think I don’t need a life line, I sink! So now if I think I don’t, I do. I hate those hard lessons. 🙂

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    Gwen Graham says

    Lovely shawl. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. May have to put it on my list when the pattern is available.

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    Condolences on the naughty cable! I would have been furious, and you seemed so calm about it. It’s going to be very pretty! You’re so right; Laura does create nice patterns!