Grilled Salad

I saw a picture of a salad in a magazine the other day and it made me think of doing this:

Grilled Salad

Grilled Salad

Here’s what I used for the grilling part last night:

  • One head of Romaine lettuce sliced in half lengthwise
  • A handful of brussels sprouts, cut in half
  • One broccoli spear/stalk – whatever you call it – cut into three pieces lengthwise.

Next, I drizzled a good amount of olive oil over the veggies, tossed them to be sure they were well coated, seasoned with Slap Ya Mama but any seasoning you like would do.

Then they were grilled (in a veggie grilling rack).

We then added tomatoes from the greenhouse and avocado that I wish we had grown but we didn’t. 

For dressing, I had made up some concoction using Penzey’s Green Goddess seasoning in fresh yogurt, a little Sriracha and a bit of honey (ahhh, that would be a good name for a candy bar!).

Vince said it was the best salad with the best dressing he’s had in a long time. The ultimate sweet thing to say! Then we go to talking about what else we could do with this . . we could grill carrots and beets, or cauliflower . . we could add grilled chicken or grilled or boiled shrimp.

Grilling the veggies made them so good! Vince isn’t a fan of brussels sprouts but the grilling made them sweet and not so “cabbage-y”.

It was a great salad and one I think we’ll be making again soon.




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    Kathy says

    When I was younger, I would regularly have entire dinners of grilled vegetables including whole carrots (wonderfully sweet when grilled), hot peppers halved with a little cheese (I think they have a name for these now), broccoli, and believe it or not parsnips!! LOVE grilled parsnips…although recently I have only seen them sold dipped in wax or something…oh and obviously sweet corn…

  2. 4

    Deb says

    Grilled, as in on the outside grill (gas/charcoal)? Or in the basket on the gas range? Either way it sounds good, just woundering.