Eating Tools

Are these the cutest “Constructive Eating” utensils ever?



Of course, these are for Addie. On the back is a picture where they’re using the little dozer thing to scoot peas onto the fork. This could result in more playing than eating but as a Granny, I’m just trying to do my job! You know . . spoil the kid and buy her all the fun things moms and dads know better than to buy.  🙂


  1. 3

    Valerie says

    Those are great. Grandboys would have loved them when younger. We had plastic animal ones. Loved when the oldest would ask me to hand him his “piglet” knife!! Good job Granny!

  2. 5

    kim webb says

    I’m glad you shared what the bulldozer was for because I kept looking at it and was wondering what you would do with it. I was thinking it was the knife part of the set. My son would have loved them. Still have his Tonka trucks.

  3. 6

    Karen says

    Hi, Judy, I bought these utensils for my four year old great nephew. There’s a plate that looks like a construction site that goes with them!

  4. 9


    My step son bought those for his daughter! They are so cute! He was (and still is, like his father) into heavy equipment. But then, it has grown on me, and now, so am I! Love watching a good backhoe driver do his stuff. They can practically thread a needle with those things!