Before making our own sauerkraut, I was never a real fan of it. I would eat a bit on a hot dog but fresh, homemade sauerkraut . . it’s so good. We love it on sandwiches, potatoes, sometimes on eggs, sometimes straight out of the jar.

Shredded Cabbage

Shredded Cabbage

With cabbage on sale for New Year’s, we got another batch of kraut going. Vince did the chopping, using the cabbage slicer. My wrist is still not up to lots of use after being slammed in the door . . so he did all the cutting. I did the salting and packing into the crock.

In a few weeks, we’ll have homemade sauerkraut! Yum!  

The question is this:  Is it really “homemade” since I didn’t grow the cabbage?  πŸ™‚



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    Carolyn says

    A quilt or garment is homemade vs store bought even though you didn’t grow, gin and weave the cotton. I would say the sauerkraut is homemade vs commercially processed. They didn’t grow their own cabbage either. I am sure it was purchased several states away.

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    Dotti says

    Ditto onCarolyn’s reply. We make “homemade”bread, cakes and didn’t grow the wheat. Although those in the Midwest might have. I really enjoy sauerkraut when cooked with pork. The kraut is sweeter and so is the pork. Enjoying your blog.


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    Mechelle says

    I think anything cooked is home made if you had to stir it! πŸ™‚ It didn’t come in a plastic tray with dividers and a silver/blue wrapper did it?? (like oreo’s….are not home made, unless you crush them up and make them into something else!)

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    Sherrill says

    Ooo, YUM! I love the sauerkraut out of the can so I bet I’d really love the ‘homemade’ (LOL) stuff!! Aren’t all meals cooked at home homemade? I think so.

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    Joyce says

    My mother used to make sauerkraut salad (as another way to eat sauerkraut). I haven’t thought about that in a long time. I always thought it was ok, but she really loved it. (and ate most of it…) And yes, your kraut is homemade! πŸ™‚

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    Mary says

    Who ever made the comment that causes you to have to ask if your kraut is homemade (as well as all the other things that you have mentioned) need to get a real life! As long as it didn’t come out of a can, or get purchased at a restaurant, then it is homemade!

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    Anne says

    My parents made “homemade” kraut every year. Sometimes with store bought cabbage and often with home grown cabbage grown by my dad. But it didn’t matter which cabbage they used, it was all home made kraut. I haven’t had home made sauerkraut in years, I miss it. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your homemade sauerkraut!!

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    Fun! Fun! Fun! Those eating utensils look like so much fun that I think the grown ups would each enjoy a set also!
    Homemade sauerkraut sounds so delicious! Yes! Definitely “homemade” when you make it at home!

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    Diana in RR,TX says

    Of course it is homemade! Our’s is having to wait-hoping to get some made in March when cabbage is on sale then for St. Paddy’s day. Couldn’t get it made in Dec. and won’t be around in Feb. So March it is. Had to use the store bought the other night. Like mine much better!!!!!

  10. 12

    Bon says

    When I was a kid growing up, the neighbor across the street made a batch every year. Delicious!