Bridges of SW Louisiana

There are so many bridges in southwest Louisiana. My travels in that area would be greatly curtailed if I were back living there. In order to avoid scary bridges, I have to travel in a very roundabout way to get from my home to my parents but I make it. But once I get there .. avoiding bridges takes a bit more effort.

Chad wanted to go to Holly Beach in Cameron and we were taking my car. He goes down there about every time he’s in Louisiana so I said “Are there any scary bridges?” No .. he didn’t think so.



Oh, my! I saw this one coming and quickly pulled over and we changed drivers!

We came home a different route. Not only did we have to cross one river on a crazy ferry, but we came across this bridge too. Chad was driving or we’d still be sitting on the other side trying to figure out how to get across.

Scary Bridge

Scary Bridge 

I wish I had noticed in time to get a better picture but this is the Conway LeBleu Memorial Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. Conway LeBleu was a six term state representative in that area . . a very well liked and respected man. Representative LeBleu had a brother who was an attorney in Lake Charles and he worked out of the office where I worked. He was a funny, always joking older man who had mostly retired from practicing law but he still came by several times a week to do a little work and mostly visit with us in the office. His son, Conway LeBleu, named after the state representative, was one of the ATF agents killed in Waco in 1993 in the Branch Dividian incident. 

Crossing the bridge brought back a lot of memories – fun times with Mr. LeBleu, and the sadness of him losing his son in that incident. But, crossing the bridge, seeing the sign, and remembering those times . . I’m glad I have those memories.


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    Joyce says

    Are there any not scary bridges? We used to have a scary bridge going from Missouri to Illinois, but it was finally replaced with a bridge that is two lanes each direction. The current bridge is not scary (for me) any more. The old bridge was so narrow that if there were semi’s going each direction, they could easily clip each others side mirrors… Lot’s of people joked about holding their breath as they went across it.

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    I don’t normally mind bridges, but that one looks like it has almost no abutment or sides, and I’m not sure I’d be really happy crossing it, either!