Swatches for Hitofude

By now, with the Hitofude KAL starting on February 1, I hope you have all chosen your yarn and if you haven’t done your swatch yet, be sure to get that done. Swatches are so important to be sure your gauge is correct and to learn how your yarn will perform when washed/soaked . . whatever you’re going to do with your finished piece.

Here’s my swatch:

Hitofude Swatch

Hitofude Swatch


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    Glenda says

    I don’t really feel that I have enough experience to do a pattern this complex–plain ol’ stockinette is still challenging me. But I bought the pattern and am going to get some inexpensive yarn and will see what happens. I usually have to unravel multiple times and the yarn really can get ratty looking. But the only way to get better is to challenge oneself and I’m sure I’ll learn something useful from this.

    So I’m grateful to you for providing this opportunity! Will try not to annoy.