Risotto Bolognese Review

We love a good, hearty risotto but I rarely make it because of all the standing and stirring and I get sidetracked and my end results aren’t always so good. I had been meaning to try the Risotto Bolognese at Pressure Cooking Today and finally got around to it.

Risotto Bolognese

Risotto Bolognese

I followed the recipe exactly and it was delicious!  Six minutes in the pressure cooker, along with the browning and simmering time, which didn’t take long . . and we had a delicious pot of risotto.

Yesterday Kroger had two packages of Italian sausage with a “Use by” date of today and they were marked down to $2.17 each and since I needed two pounds of Italian sausage for this week’s meals, that was perfect! For $2.17, along with the cost of the arborio rice, which was also on sale at Kroger, a jar of home canned tomatoes and a few other ingredients, we had a delicious meal, for probably about $5. There are leftovers enough for two more meals for both of us so that’s quite a bargain of a meal. We had salad and bread. The bread was homemade, the lettuce and tomatoes came from the greenhouse. The cucumber, carrots and black olives came from the grocery store.

You may remember that I’m trying to spend only $25 per week on groceries. I’m doing good but while in Louisiana I spent a good bit on sausage to bring back but since I can’t get good cajun sausage here, I didn’t mind doing that. Realistically, I’m probably going to average spending more like $50/week on groceries but at least I’m being more aware and paying more attention to what I’m spending. It’s fruit and fresh veggies that add up so quickly. 



Having Aldi here really helps my grocery budget. Paying $1.29 per gallon of milk is pretty hard to believe. I think I paid over $4 for a gallon in Louisiana. We use at least 2 and sometimes 3 gallons of milk per week. I am so happy to have Aldi here.


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    Sherrill says

    Just curious–what do you two do with 2-3 gallons of milk a week?! It’s just me and I barely use 1/2 gal/wk and that’s pretty much for cereal (unless I make a batch of soup).