Menu Planning

In my old age, I’ve become very anal with my cooking. There was a time when I got home from work, opened the freezer and tried to figure out what we were having for dinner. These days, if I don’t have a menu made way in advance, I start to feel nervous about our meals. When I’m away for a week, I come home to no menu plan and it’s chaos in the kitchen. I know . . I should be more flexible but in most areas of my life, I pretty “go with the flow” . . just not when it comes to meal planning.

I use the Paprika app and I love it. I think (but I don’t remember for sure) that you can put it on 3 or 4 devices, maybe it’s 5 devices. But, you do have to purchase a separate version for each operating system and in order to use the app on all the Apple devices, they all have to sign in to the same iTunes account. You can read all that technical stuff here.

Since I do most of my work on a laptop or desktop, I have the Windows version, since I used to use an iPhone and still use an iPad, I have that version and since I’m mostly switched over to Android things – tablet and phone, I now have the Android version too. I think that gives you an idea of how much I love the app.

I can take the iPad or my Android tablet into the kitchen and my recipes are all there. I can look at my meal plan on my phone if I’m out and making sure I don’t need anything from the store. When someone posts a recipe I want to make, from many cooking sites, I can import the recipe directly into my Paprika app.



Above is a screenshot of the menu for this week as shown on the iPad.



Above is what it looks like on my phone.

Now that my menus are made for this week and next week, I feel like I’m getting back in the groove of being home.


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    Teri Jordan says

    Does this app alphabetize your recipes…..and do they have files such as meat, fish, pasta etc

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    I’ve wanting something like this to organize and create grocery lists. Thanks so much for sharing this. Looking through the free trail, I think this may work for me.

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    I’m not big on cooking, and am just as happy with a pbj, most of the time. That looks like it would save money for most people, though, and help to have a healthier diet.