Internet Warning . . Again

Maybe I should just make a blanket statement:  If you don’t ever hear from me again, don’t worry!  Seriously, here’s yet another internet warning that I may have intermittent internet troubles for a while.

We’ve had two internet services almost since we moved here, paid dearly for those two services ($60/month for one and $50/month for one as I recall). Probably six months ago, our friends, Ann and Bob, told us about an internet service from a company about 40 or 45 miles from here that supplies internet to a couple of businesses in town and they have a booster on Ann and Bob’s radio tower. So, we signed up with them and they’ve been dependable and fast so just last week, we cancelled our second service and now we have just one reliable service. We were very happy.

But, when Bob and Ann’s house burned yesterday, the power was cut off to that booster so there went our internet! When the internet guy showed up at the scene of the fire, I said “Hey! What about me?”  No, I didn’t say that but I did ask him what they were going to do. He said that until they can get a new pole with new electrical service run, they’re going to have to keep that booster going by using a generator. And, since they’re 40 or 45 miles from here and since the generator has to be filled every 18 to 20 hours (we hope), I volunteered Vince to keep the thirsty generator filled with gasoline.

So, if I don’t have internet,  you can blame Vince!  🙂

Seriously, it does feel a bit like Green Acres out here . . having to put fuel in the generator so we can have internet. But, it’s still better than living in town and having close neighbors, horns honking, stereos booming and whatever else goes along with city living.


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    thank goodness for generators. we are running one out at the pond to keep the pond from freezing so the cows can get water to drink. it has to be filled about every 12 hours. not my job….thank you very much. haha

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    PattiLynn says

    Would it be possible to volunteer / offer to have them put the new pole / tower / booster / rig on your property / house ?

    Very frustrating, I’m sure. We went waaay to long with dial-up service. Sooo grateful to have fast and dependable internet now. Gulp, sure hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

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    Carolyn says

    Dependable Internet? What it that? We live in a small town ….our provider is 30 miles away and every time we have weather of any kind….rain, snow, ice …. We lose service. I had this same company when I lived in East Texas and it was the same situation. Here there are not a lot of options. You would think some of our technology would get better rather than tread water….and that is stagnant water.

    Best of luck and I do like the suggestion of placing a booster on your property.

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    Now would another viable option be you pedaling something to generate the power? If so, you will appreciate Vince’s willingness to fuel it! LOL!!!!!!! Here I am laughing. I should be the one to volunteer. I need the exercise!