A Day To Myself

A rare day – Vince is not coming home for lunch and he isn’t coming home for dinner. He left home this morning at 5:30 so you can bet that by the time he gets home tonight, he’ll sit in his chair, I’ll hand him a glass of wine, we’ll talk for a while and he’ll soon be immersed in something on TV or . . fall asleep.

So, I have at least from 5:30 til probably 7 or so to do whatever I want to do. My choices . . unless something else grabs my attention:

  • Start a pot of spaghetti sauce – The sauce will simmer for 5 hours but there are meatballs to be made and lots of getting up and stirring to be done so that will probably get ruled out.
  • Start a pot of gumbo – A chicken has to be boiled, roux made, lots of veggies chopped, and then than will sit and simmer for a long time but, it’s labor intensive for a few hours so that will probably get ruled out.
  • Sit in my chair and knit, stopping to spend a little time on the spinning wheel.

Any guesses as to what my choice will be?   🙂

A good friend mentioned going out for lunch but I think I want to spend the day in my sweats and not leave the house! 


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    Carolyn says

    I would instantly eliminate the top two choices …..go for the sweats, grab the knitting supplies and settle in for some seriously uninterrupted knitting and spinning. These days come so rarely now is the time to cherish it. Have fun!

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    Joan B. says

    Try making your spaghetti sauce in a crock pot or two. Just leave it alone on low and you won’t need to get up and stir it while you are knitting!

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      With the spaghetti, it’s the meatballs that’s the most time consuming. I cook my sauce on the stove on low for 5 hours so it’s probably pretty much like being in the slow cooker anyway .. but I wouldn’t have to worry about it scorching in the slow cooker. Might just do that. Thanks.

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    A whole day at home to work on something without interruptions is heaven! Hope you’ve enjoyed it to the hilt. I have a retired hubby now so a day to myself is rare, rare, rare. Somehow he always manages to have his fishing days on the days I work.