Loving My Daughter-in-Law

While going through the blog looking for posts where I started a meal with a roux, I came across this post.


That was from very early in 2011 — look at that smile. Before I ever met her, and I had heard about her, I asked Chad . . what do you like about her? His response:  She always has a smile on her face! And she does! I am so blessed to have her for a daughter-in-law?

In this picture, she was eating her gumbo with a fork because she said she didn’t eat “juice”. Yesterday I sent her a link to the post and told her . . you’ve come a long way. You’re almost a real Cajun now and yes, she eats the “gumbo juice” now!  🙂

I’ll never forget the first time she came to the house and while trying to make conversation with her, I asked her if she knitted or sewed and she looked at me like I was crazy and she said “Why would I?” Hmmm .. I think her response would be different today.

She’s such a sweet girl and she has such a great attitude. I love her! And, I love Chad even more for giving me the best daughter-in-law ever!


  1. 1

    Dotti says

    I have a great daughter in (love). Don’t you love them so much for who they are and also because they love your son. And such great mothers. Yes we are blessed!

  2. 2

    Mechelle says

    Nicole is lucky to have such a great Mother in Law like you! My MIL, well, lets just say she never “gets” what I like to do, and has never tried…..once I tried to tell her about our local quilt show, and I got a ribbon on all 3 of my quilts I entered – her comment was, but you don’t get any money for that right??……. 🙁 Needless to say, I don’t share any of my projects or what I’m doing with her anymore, it’s better for my well being to just avoid the subject.

  3. 3

    PattiLynn says

    Lucky Chad! To have both you and Nicole loving him (and each other) so much. Then the bonus of a beautiful little girl!

    Looking at the old post from 2011, I noticed Vince’s happy face too. I’m sure Judy, you had to be smiling too! Gauntlets?!? haha!

  4. 5

    Terri S. says

    How lucky for you both! I have 2 of the best daughters-in-law too. I love them both like they were my own. I’ve said many times that they are the answers to all my prayers for my sons!! Having raised 3 boys and having no daughters of my own, they have been a blessing in my life. My youngest hasn’t settled down yet, but when he does, I’m sure I will love her just as much.