Becoming Friends With The Spinning Wheel

It was in September that I took the spinning lessons near Austin, then had the issue with the damaged wheel and it was in mid-December when the new wheel arrived but between the holidays and Vince being off so long at Christmas, and then the trip to Louisiana, I just haven’t touched the wheels. They’re all set up in a corner of the dining room and it looks like a spinner lives here but so far, my spinning is pretty bad.

Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe told me that if I’d spin for 15 minutes a day, I’d become a good spinner. I’m not sure she was right but I’m giving it my best shot. When I was spinning every day for the couple of weeks that I was taking the class, I was getting better but now after having gone 2 or 3 months really not doing any spinning . . oh, my spinning is bad! Not as bad as the first time I ever tried it but close.

I sit and treadle every day . . 15 minutes. I’m finally to the point where I feel like I’m halfway consistent with my pedaling, which is what puts the twist in the yarn. Today, I decided to use some fiber instead of just sitting there, staring out the window, treadling.

Spun Fiber

Spun Fiber

Lots of thick areas. LOTS of kinked up areas. I need lots of practice.

It’s hard for me to not be able to do a good job of doing something. I know . . practice makes perfect, but I want it to be perfect NOW. I want to spin hand dyed fiber and have it look good enough to use to make make something!

I’ll keep on and I’ll continue to show you my results and hopefully soon, you’ll see some good yarn coming off Mathilda, the spinning wheel named after my favorite song.



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    Carolyn says

    I was told about the 15 minute “rule” when I started rug hooking and yes, it does make a difference. Of course , I do 15 minutes several times a day if I am not quilting. Thankfully, spinning hasn’t caught my attention., but it does look like fun. Some days just don’t have enough hours for all the fun I want to have. Clean clothes, cooking and housework is highly over-rated.

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    Thing is, Judy — didn’t you say that when you got your longarm — work at it every day until it becomes second nature? I think that will probably be how most things are. Keep on keeping on!

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    dorothymatheson says

    When I first got a spinning wheel in the 70’s I was spinning from 1 to 3 hours a day. It does take a lot of practice to become good at spinning. Relax and enjoy the process. This first yarn you are making will ply up and make a great hat for you. Looks better after it is plied. Really relax and enjoy the wheel going around and the rhythm you get into. I love to spin.
    If you can find a spinning group to visit even once a month you will enjoy it even more.

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    You’re coming along, and 15 minutes a day isn’t too much time. That’s three spinning wheels? What fun you have ahead of you! The journey is not only half the battle, it’s half the fun.