On the Needles – January 22, 2016

You’ve seen the mermaid blanket that I finished this week so that’s off the needles. I had started Hitofude using the Madelinetosh Tosh Mo Light. It’s 20% mohair and I was concerned about the “hairiness” of the yarn masking the pattern and covering the holes that create the lace. By the time I was on my third repeat, I was aggravated at myself for not listening to that inner voice telling me not to use the yarn. But, the color was so pretty! After another row or two, I said no . . I’m switching yarns. I wound a skein of Tosh Twist Light in Baltic and as I started using it, I said . . it’s so close to the other Hitofude I made. The first one was a deep green and Baltic is a deep blue so I went in search of another yarn. Miss Babs did send me the correct color to replace the wrong color yarn but since it’s been a couple of years, I’m afraid the new skein isn’t a perfect match and, with some sweaters it would be easy enough to hide with alternating skeins but with Hitofude, because of the “sweeping” construction, I think it might be obvious that I was using off color skeins.

Then I remembered some String Theory Caper Sock yarn in Light Teal and I think that will be perfect so . . I started yet again.

String Theory Caper Sock

String Theory Caper Sock

I like that the color is pretty much solid and I have always loved this yarn so I’m glad to be using it.

What’s on your needles?