Dinner Tonight

Saturday . . Vince is home . . my schedule, as well as my menu plan, . . poof .. they’re gone!  🙂

Vince wanted to go out early this morning so we decided to get Egg McMuffins at McDonald’s, then we would go to United for a few groceries. Then we decided to go to Aldi, then to Walmart and . . why not go to Kroger too? On the way home, Vince said “Want to go to Brady and get fried oysters? Not really! We got home and talked for a while and then he said “Are you sure you don’t want to go to Brady?” NO! I don’t want to go anywhere!

Then I said “What if I make fried oysters at home?” So, back to Kroger to buy fresh oysters. While there Vince decided he wanted fried shrimp too.

Fried Oysters and Shrimp

Fried Oysters and Shrimp

Vince wanted potato salad with it so I made potato salad, and it was all yummy and we didn’t have to drive to Brady and, by cooking it at home, we spent half, or less, of what it would have cost in the restaurant.



I’m never sorry to have fried shrimp and oysters!



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    diana in RR, TX says

    But if Vince would have said something earlier we could have met you in Brady! But that’s okay I actually sewed a little this afternoon!

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      That’s what I was thinking .. I don’t mind driving to Brady if we’re going to meet y’all but I didn’t want to drive down there, eat, get back in the car and leave. The trip seems more fun when we get to visit with y’all.