Warm Weekend

From looking at the several areas that I watch at Accuweather, it looks like lots of places will have warm weekends. Such a contrast to all the snow across the east and northeast last weekend, huh?


Weekend Weather

It’s funny because our highs are about 10º to 20º warmer than those where Chad and Nicole are in MO and our lows are about 5º to 10º colder. Weather is a funny thing!

You can bet Vince and I will be outside all weekend, playing in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine!


  1. 1

    Joyce says

    I shouldn’t complain, because it’s supposed to get up to 60 here on Saturday, but your mid to upper 70’s sure look good!

  2. 3

    Dianne S. says

    Our weather for Saturday is 62-64, sunny, blue skies!! Yay!!! Then thunderstorms on Tuesday! Some very crazy weather going on!

  3. 4

    Theresa says

    After 36″ of snow last weekend, we’re getting a day this weekend that gets up to 60 degrees. Hope it melts the rest of the snow.

  4. 5

    Paula L says

    Years ago I moved to Dallas from Austin. It was hotter and colder in Dallas, also wetter and drier. When it rained in Dallas, the water did not run off like in the hills of Austin, also the clay soil in Dallas developed huge cracks when it was dry. Then I moved to Houston – I sure miss Dallas and Austin!