Getting excited about flour is probably a good indication that I need to get a life, right? Seriously, I do get excited about flour. I had always loved King Arthur Flour and I still love it but once I used Wheat Montana flour, that became my favorite. Most any bread baker, or cake baker or whatever kind of baker, will have their favorite flour and those who aren’t bread or cake or whatever kind of baker may not understand that.

Wheat Montana Flour

When we lived in Missouri and shopped at the Amish store is when I first used Wheat Montana. I love their prairie gold wheat berries and I could buy both in 50 pounds bags from the Amish. Even the Walmart in Nevada, MO usually has Wheat Montana white flour. Any time I’m back in Nevada, or when I’m going to visit Chad and Nicole, I’ll ask them to go by the Nevada Walmart when they’re there, and get me at least 10 bags of the flour.

Sometimes it’s white loaf bread, sometimes it’s sourdough bread, sometimes it’s crusty French bread, sometimes it’s just dinner rolls. There’s usually at least one, sometimes two pizzas per week. With the bread baking and pizza crusts, it’s pretty easy to use one five pound bag of flour per week.

Yes, that’s probably too much flour, but I figure with us eating at home, and not eating fast food and not eating prepared foods, we could be doing worse. How’s that for justifying bad behavior?  🙂

Anyway, I cannot get Wheat Montana flour here. I’ve taken an empty bag twice to Walmart and asked them to see if they could get it and they cannot. Even Chad’s store, just a couple of hours from the Nevada, MO Walmart . . they don’t stock Wheat Montana flour.

About a month ago, Chad and Nicole were going to Nevada and I was going to ask them to pick up 10 bags of the Wheat Montana flour at the Walmart there and keep it in their freezer. With hunting season over, I didn’t know when they’d be back in Nevada and I have a trip there planned for March. I looked online to see how much the Wheat Montana flour is and it was $3.76 for a five pound bag. That’s a good bit less than I pay for it in the stores! Spend $50 and I’d get free shipping so . . I did.

When making my favorite white bread, I now use half whole wheat flour and half white flour so I ordered some of each.

Wheat Montana Whole Wheat Flour

Wheat Montana Whole Wheat Flour

Just like with their white flour, their whole wheat is my favorite. It’s a very light whole wheat flour.

Wheat Montana Flour

Wheat Montana Flour

The red cup is the whole wheat flour.

I suspected when I ordered the flour from Walmart that the price might not be right, or might be some special that I couldn’t get again, and sure enough, I checked online this morning and the five pound bags for $3.76 is out of stock. I’ll be real surprised if they get it back for that price but . . they do have King Arthur flour for the same price, which is less than what I pay even in the Walmart store here. Occasionally Kroger will have it on sale for $3.99, but I don’t go to the store every week unless there are lots of things on sale that I need so ordering ahead and keeping it in the freezer works best for me.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

For lunch yesterday, we had chicken enchilada soup and grilled cheese sandwiches . . on homemade bread.  Yum!



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    I knew there was a good reason to live in Montana! When we come south to Arizona for the winter, I bring enough Montana Wheat flour to last me the entire time–makes the cowboy shake his head!

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    Joan says

    I obviously need a life, too! I am so excited – I just searched the Wheat Montana website and they show two retailers in Kenai, AK, just 70 miles from us. The next time I go shopping in the “big city”, I will definitely pick up a package or 10. I go through about 5 pounds of King Arthur flour per week, and it is $6.59 for 5 pounds here. Thanks for the tip, Judy!

  3. 3

    Dar says

    OK, you are seriously a bad influence on me! I just had to check and yep, my local Walmart carries it. Now before I go buy a bag, why do you like it better? I use Pillsbury because…that’s what my mother used! ???? When I need whole wheat I usually buy King Arthur. But I don’t bake like you do so never thought about differences in brands. ???? What am I missing out on? ????

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    I like the Wheat Montana Prairie Gold flour too. My nearest WalMart….60 mi. away….stocks it. I usually mix it 50/50 with unbleached, un-bromated bread flour.

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    Karen says

    Copy cat that I am, I had to go check it out. I was able to order both the white and wheat online for $3.96/bag. Now I need to go search your site for your recipes!

  6. 6

    Diane says

    Do you ever bring your own anymore? Like others I use what my Moma or Grandma used. I have been curious in you home ground flour ever since you mentioned it a long while back. Unlike yeast I am slow acting… ????

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    Debra says

    You are a wealth of information!! We recently moved back to our home in MO from TX. I’m cranky about it but there are perks, aside from seeing our grandchildren. Aldi’s! Also, Weaver’s Country Market in Versailles. Their store is an hour from our house so it’s a ‘stock up’ kind of trip. They sell Prairie Gold White Wheat for $31.85/50# and Red @ $28.95/50#. There are a few other Mennonite stores closer to us but Weaver’s is the only place I’ve been able to find certain dehydrated spices, such as green and red bell peppers.